Happy Responsible Dog Parent Day

Woof, Pet Parents!

Happy Responsible Dog Parent Day! Today’s your day – you get it all to yourself (yea, that’s not actually going to happen.) But, all the pups we’ve been visiting have been sharing just how grateful they are to have loving, responsible, and awesome Pet Parents in their lives and we couldn’t agree more.

Being a responsible pet parent is serious, no doubt. Since you’ve got that all under control, we’d recommend you spend the day celebrating being awesome. How, you ask? By taking your fur-kid to do something fun, of course. Pups aren’t being selfish about it, they just wouldn’t want you celebrating the big day alone.

  • Head to the beach – the official final days of summer might be over, but the sunshine remains.
  • Play at the Dog Park – your pup can brag to all their friends about how much better you are than all other Pet Parents.
  • Take a nap – you deserve it – they insist.
  • Grab a bite or a cold beverage – outside, where pups are welcome (they asked we mention that very important detail. Apparently there are places they can’t go?)

Thanks for being you and for always wanting what’s best for your pup and all things furry!

—The OUG! Gang

September’s P.O.T.M. is…


Type: Maine Coon
Age: 15 years

fun fact:
Mr. Willie is new to us, but he’s already a staff favorite! He spends most of his time hanging out on the patio, enjoying the summer sunsets and BBQ smells from his favorite hiding place: this cozy plant 🙂

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