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Picking the Best Pet Food 🍖 🍗 🍤

Picking the Best Pet Food

We’re often asked which is the best food to feed your pup or kitty. There are so many options, it’s confusing—we get it. Like humans, pups and kitties respond differently to food based on their genetic make-up. And, needs change based on a pet’s age, activity level, and overall health. There isn’t a one size fits all answer. It’s always best to chat with your Vet. It also helps to keep the following factors in mind:

  1. Number of calories
  2. Meat listed as first ingredient (not a cheap filler…gross!)
  3. Percentage of protein
  4. Proximate analysis (amount of protein, fat, and fiber)

Wanderlust? Pet-friendly hotels! 🏨

Feeling that early summer wanderlust? There’s a good chance your pup feels the same way – time for a road trip. We’ve put together a list of our favorite, pet welcoming hotels. From snuggling in at a boutique hotel to needing a quick stay while on the road, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Kimpton Hotels – ALL pets of ALL sizes welcome. A total dedication to fur-pal happiness and a boutique level experience. Yes. Please.
  2. Sheraton Hotels – For pups up to 80-ish pounds, a great night’s sleep is guaranteed on their signature heavenly beds – they even allow the humans to have them.
  3. Country Inn & Suites – Likely to find a room on the road wherever you need it. Call ahead – most dogs welcomed with belly rubs and humans with cookies.

Pi Day & Pup (Weird) Science

Pi Day & Pup (Weird) Science

3.14 is Pi Day and it has us feelin’ a little sciency. Is your pup right or left pawed? Ambi-paw-strous, perhaps?! That’s right, this is serious stuff. Wanna find out with a quick test?

Dominant Paw Test:

  1. Fill a Kong with something delicious
  2. See which paw your pup uses (prefers) to stabilize it
  3. You now know if they are right or left pawed
  4. Apologize with treats if you’ve been expecting “Give me Paw” from their non-dominant paw

Why Cats Love Luge 🐱❄

It’s almost time for the 2018 Winter Olympics and cats everywhere are getting their cat nip and favorite viewing spots ready. Some cats love curling, a few enjoy snowboarding, but many will spend seconds watching luge. Why do cats love luge?

  1. Speed of event – very little sleep disruption
  2. Tight spandex. #respectthat
  3. Support any sport done while lying down
  4. Similar to Skeleton, but without reminding us of cat costumes


February’s P.O.T.M. is…


Type: Pug

fun fact:
Big City, Little Dog: Mr. Magoo may not be the biggest fan of the snow, but with being less than a year old – everything is a new and exciting experience! Known to make human friends on the spot, he has quickly become a celebrity in his building and at the local parks. Mr. Magoo’s favorite activity is gobbling down his lunch everyday!

🐾🐾 Clean Paws = Happy Paws! 🐾🐾

Winter tricks are the best. Playing in snow is awesome! Muddy and / or salty paws … far from ideal. Just a few reminders to help us keep your homes tidy and paws clean:

  1. Towels – please leave a towel for sitters to use for paw and floor clean up
  2. Natural Baby Wipes – not a bad idea to help our sitters remove any de-icing salt from paws
  3. Warm Weather Gear – booties & coats for all pups wanting (or willing) to sport ‘em

As always, please let our office know anything we can do or adjust in our routine to help keep happy pets and clean homes!

January’s P.O.T.M. is…


Type: Lab

Age: 7 years

fun fact:
This old soul is as sweet as they come! Cooper and his Lab sister Darcy (not pictured) are more than happy out in this weather. They are both so sweet and often will help our sitters get geared up!

Need an awesome pet gift? 🎁🎁🎁

Whoops, that was an awesome pet gif.

Seriously though, we think the following gifts are pretty awesome. Don’t fret that it’s too late because…you know…Amazon.

  • The Maze Dog Bowl: This bowl was originally designed by M.C. Escher (unconfirmed) and perfect for speed eaters.
  • Pup-Tub: Awesome tub for bathing small pups and the first item needed to build your Hot Dog Tub Time Machine.
  • Petcube Play: 2-way audio, 1080 video, nephew of Hal 9000, and laser toy.
  • The Modkat Litter box: Finally, a litterbox that I. M. Pei’s kitty can enjoy.

Happy Holidays!
—The OUG! Gang

December’s P.O.T.M. is…


Type: Husky mix
Age: almost 5!

fun fact:

This is Gus. And despite being named after a bad guy (Breaking Bad, anyone?), Mr. Gus is a quiet and gentle pup when it comes to going for a walk and getting treats. His favorite watch post is the couch where he wags to greet you. Once he is out and about, he never wants to go back in! He loves to smell all the smells there are to smell and to get belly rubs!

Turkey Dogs & Pumpkin Treats

Dogs love being turkeys and eating pumpkin, too. Don’t let Thanksgiving end without making these Pumpkin Sweet Potato Bites.

Headed out of town? We have your pet care needs covered! If you haven’t already requested care, please do so soon! We’ll fill up (both our visit schedule and bellies) for the holidays.

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November’s P.O.T.M. is…


Type: Pit bull
Age: 7 years

fun fact:
Cupcake is a sweet little snugglebug! She loves to give kisses, and is just as happy taking a leisurely stroll around the block as she is napping on her bed. When Cupcake is really happy, you can tell by her little grunts! Her favorite things include Greenies, playing tug-of-war, and her kitty friend, Loretta.