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Back to School – Avoiding the Pet Blues

Re-establishing a Healthy Routine

back2school-august-2016-newsletterLet’s be honest, getting back into the fall / school routine can be a bit ruff on everyone! After all the lazy days in the yard, frolicking at the beach, and family road trips, back-to-school is “for the birds,” said every pup and kitty ever!

Changes in our human schedules impact our furry family members. Pups and kitties often need some time to get acclimated to new routines too. The folks at shared a few tips to “Ease the Back to School Transition for Your Pet,” a few that resonated with us are:

  1. Coming & Going: Keep it simple and non-emotional suggesting to your pet that it’s no big deal.
  2. Create Alone Time: Use puzzles, toys, and things they are happy playing with while you’re around and hopefully then when you’re not.
  3. Music & TV: Having some calm background noise can help pets feel a bit less isolated when you’re not home.
  4. Field Trips or Visits from Pet Sitters: Create events that help provide much appreciated stimulation for your pets. They’ll look forward to it and are less likely to become bored. (And by that we mean destructive!)

– Your BFFs at Out-U-Go!

august2016- newsletter-potm
August’s P.O.T.M. is…
Type: Kitty
fun fact:
Meet Mele! Mele is a part of our OUG! Chicago family. She enjoys cuddles, play time and lounging with her brother Maleko. These kitties are two of our favorites and we love visiting with these two when Mom is away!

Celebrating 20 years!


The Big 2-0h!

Dear Pet Parents,

It’s Out-U-Go!’s cakeday—our 20th Year in Business (or 140th in dog years.) Either way, it’s a lot of years of waggin’ tails. As a big family of fur loving humans, we’re purrty proud of all that we’ve accomplished. We most certainly wouldn’t be here without your support, trust and ruv.

As we look back and reflect, it’s incredible to think that we’ve taken care of multiple generations of pets, watched many human babies grow up to be big “kids,” and have expanded our OUG family with wonderful Top Dogs in new cities all of whom are dedicated to spreading more peace, love, and belly rubs. Our hearts are full and our days filled with wiggles here at Out-U-Go!.

We’re humbled that all of you have welcomed and trusted us to be a part of your lives. We ask that you please pass along our gratitude in the form of chin scratches, slobbery kisses, and belly rubs to your furry family members—who we hope are snuggling with you while you’re reading this!

Thanks for a pAwesome Twenty Years!
– Your BFFs at Out-U-Go!


cae80e57-c4b5-48e5-8f31-3b5a28d3b309July’s P.O.T.M. is…


Type: Pup
Age: 1 year

fun fact:
Meet Otto! Otto is a fun loving pup and a favorite among our pawesome team of sitters. He has certainly got this whole dog thing down!

Spring, Fetch, Love

Toss. Human Removes Slobber from Hand. Fetch. Repeat! Does this little gem of a game sound familiar?  What about romps to the dog park, beach, or through your backyard? If you and your furry friend love these spring activities, we’ve got a list of a few “pup essentials” you should have readily available in a travel tote for fun, exercise, and safety on the go.

  1. Reusable Water Bottle with Bowl
  2. Sanitizer or Pawnitizer Wipes – (see above—seriously, don’t leave home without them!)
  3. Poo Bags & More Poo Bags
  4. Bouncing Jive Ball or Flying Frisbee
  5. LED safety collar lights for all those night owl pups

Also, our friends at BarkPost shared this great post: 21 Funny Dog Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up How We Feel About Spring

– Your BFFs at Out-U-Go!


35979db3-30ed-4698-ba97-f17630b652bdApril’s P.O.T.M. is…

Type: Pooch

fun fact:

Peaches is one of our goofy, fun loving Oak Park pups who loves playing with her brother Staley & can always make time for some extra cuddles. She is an absolute “peach” to visit with & we couldn’t be happier to have them as part of our OUG family!

Spring Break is around the corner, Pet Parents…

22e4a5e6-04d6-4b01-8e91-ff596c586fdaIt’s everyone’s favorite time of year to pack their bags, throw their family in the car, and head out for their own memorable Griswold style adventure. Now, more than ever, popular vacation destinations are welcoming to both human and canine family members. Below is a list of the 5 highest rated pet friendly vacation spots*:

  1. Mendocino Coast, CA
  2. San Juan Islands
  3. Telluride, CO
  4. Sedona, AZ
  5. San Francisco, CA

*Provided by the humans at

If your pup or kitty isn’t planning on traveling with you, that’s what Out-U-Go! is here for. We’d be happy to set up doggie vacation care, kitty sitting, or house sitting for your furry family members.

Shoot us an email, give us a ring, drop us a line, or send us a fax. (Actually don’t send us a fax, our fax machine is sitting in the same pile with our VCR.) Or even better:

Click here to schedule your spring break pet care

New pet parents can schedule a Meet & Greet here

– Your BFFs at Out-U-Go!

March’s P.O.T.M. is…

Type: Dog
Age: 9

fun fact:
Meet Finnley! Our awesome Chicago sitter Kelsey recently welcomed a furry friend of her own into her family. Finn’s loves playing fetch, belly rubs & all things Out-U-Go!


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Gobble Gobble, Pet Parents!

We hope you’re all enjoying the final days of fall tromping through the last of the leaves and soaking up the remainder of evening sunshine. With Turkey Day just around the corner, the human gang at OUG! is getting excited for turkey, stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoes, and all the other deliciousness. Unfortunately, in our annual fall celebration of human gluttony our pups and kitties often get left out of the party.

This year we are going to include our furry family in the extravaganza by baking these recipes:
Pumpkin Pie Dog Biscuits
Kitty Turkey Treats

Happy Turkey Day Everyone!

– Your BFFs at Out-U-Go!

Refer your neighbor to Out-U-Go! and he or she will get a $50 OUG! Gift Certificate*

* offer valid to new OUG! pet parents only

Out-U-Go! Pet of the Month

November’s P.O.T.M. is…

Type: Puppy
Age: 8 weeks


fun fact: 
Appa is a wildly adorable Samoyed puppy whose hobbies include hugging your arm, chewing his bone, and trying to catch leaves as they fall off of trees!


Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn & bichon bubble…

BOO, Pet Parents!

The air is getting crisp, the leaves are changing, and our pooches couldn’t be happier to get outdoors. Life is good…that is until October 31st. Halloween is arguably the best holiday to have a furry buddy and perhaps the worst day to be a man/woman’s best friend.  After all, we’re not entirely sure that turning them into a hot-dog, yoda, or something else super silly for the day is quite as hysterical to them as it is their human counter-parts. But hey, we all make sacrifices within a family, right?!  

OUG! ’s Halloween and can’t wait to see all those smiling-ish furry faces dressed to impress…or perhaps appease.

- Your BFFs at Out-U-Go!

Refer your neighbor to Out-U-Go! and he or she will get a $50 OUG! Gift Certificate*
* offer valid to new OUG! pet parents only

Out-U-Go! Pet of the Month October's P.O.T.M. is...
Type: English Lab
Age: 8 months

fun fact: 
Franklin plans to run for mayor of Chicago in 2019. His campaign slogan: "Who's a good boy???"


Spring Changes are in the Air at OUG! Central

Hello Out-U-Go! Pet Parent Gang!

Change is in the air this spring at OUG! We are thrilled and excited to announce that our Top Op’s Dog and GM, Sara Lorenzo, is expecting a human baby at the end of April. The whole OUG! pack is excited for her, with the possible exception of her furry-toddler pooch-son Vern. While we feel for Vern as his only-child gig comes to an end, we often remind him that in the near future he can look forward to a constant distribution of food on the floor (and everywhere) thanks to the tiny Lorenzo human. As Sara transitions to motherhood she will be taking time off to spend with her new addition then later returning to the OUG! team in a part time capacity.

OUG! Central General Manager Sara, her husband Dan, and the brother-to-be, Vern!

OUG! Central General Manager Sara, her husband Dan, and the brother-to-be, Vern!

With that bit of exciting news, we are thrilled to introduce our newest OUG! team member Chris Causgrove. Chris joined our team in early February and has been in deep OUG! immersion preparing to take over as Top Ops Dog and GM when Sara’s new addition arrives. Chris brings many talents to our organization, in addition to his own rambunctious and delightful fur-child, Sophie!

Chris and his pup Sophie

Exciting news all around. We are thrilled for Sara and excited to meet her new furless bundle of joy and doubly excited to have Chris join our expanded team.

Happy Spring,
David & the OUG! Gang

David & Lucy

Out-U-Go! Madison's Lisa and her dog, Finn!

First Year of OUG! Love in Madison


Big wags, Out-U-Go! family and friends!

High fives and congrats go out to OUG! Madison’s Top Dog, Lisa! Together with her crew of helpful humans, Lisa is celebrating her first year anniversary in business. In the past twelve months alone, her Wisconsin location has expanded to include 8 awesome pet sitters, causing more than 3,000 tails to wag!

We also couldn’t be prouder of OUG! Madison’s community contributions, namely a partnership with Dane County Humane Society to include fundraising event sponsorship and a holiday donation drive benefiting the shelter’s pets in need. We are thrilled about OUG! Madison’s year-one achievements and excited for new accomplishments to come.

Another round of high fives goes out to our amazing Out-U-Go! family…You! Without your continued support, we wouldn’t be able to share our love, belly rubs, and chin scratches to our growing furry family! We are forever grateful for your help spreading the good OUG! word to your family, friends, and neighbors.

Paws & Whiskers,

Interested in your own Out-U-Go! Franchise opportunity? Give us a “woof!”

Enter our Get Out & Go! Facebook photo contest!

Get Out & Go! to Win $100 of OUG! Care

On your mark, get set…

This month, Out-U-Go! is woofin’ about pet health! We’re offering tips and tricks for caring for your furry kids, highlighting fun wellness facts (did you know pet parents are less stressed?), and sharing our favorite Pet of the Week portraits! Trot over to our Facebook and Twitter pages to see what the neighborhood pups are wagging their tails about!

Speaking of tail-wagging, we know your four-legged friends love to Get Out & Go! Is Bullet your #1 workout partner? We’re looking for the cutest, toughest, silliest, most slobbery photos of you and your furry fitness coach in action! Enter our pet health photo contest here for a chance to win $100 in free Out-U-Go! visits!

Get the leash!

Top Dog Dog Dini in office

In Loving Memory of Dini


It is with a very heavy heart I share that earlier this month we lost our dear friend Dini. Dini had been part of our family and a fixture in the Out-U-Go! office since 2000, and her absence leaves a huge hole in all of our hearts.

For me personally, Dini was my shadow. By choice, and by necessity, Dini was rarely more than 5 feet from me. The one exception to this was when she was at the OUG! office, where she felt happy and comfortable spending her time with everyone else. For the most part, though, Dini was always at my feet. This started from the day I adopted. That night she slept in bed with me. I quickly found out that just being in bed wasn’t close enough for her—she also needed to be touching me the entire night.

Dini’s original shelter name was Houdini, and we shortened it to Dini. It wasn’t for weeks that we really figured out how she “earned” her name. She was a natural born adventurer and escape artist. When she was young, she proved her ability to escape from any crate. Gates and doors? Hardly a challenge for her. Dini was even able to figure out how to escape situations by swimming away (twice).


Of all Dini’s ridiculous—her escapes, her rodent hunting, her undeniable talent for finding the grossest stinkiest thing around, then rolling in it—she was the sweetest and gentlest dog I have ever met. She always played perfectly with other dogs and was so child tolerant it was hard to believe. When my son Pierson was one year old he would use Dini as a step stool to get up on our couch. He’d put his little foot on her head and prop himself up there. Dini wouldn’t budge. She’d just sweetly lay there, with a slightly disappointed look on her face.

Dini touched so many people in her life, many of them during her 13 years at the OUG! office. She always made sure to greet all new people to the office by sitting next to them during interviews and meetings, happily offering herself up for pets and scratches. For so many people, she offered a warm welcome. For some, like the sales people in black suits, she offered the same—it just wasn’t received quite as warmly.

Dini dressed up as a unicorn

Dini even touched the people in our neighborhood. We live on a high traffic street in Chicago. Dini used to love hanging out in our front yard. She was just the right size to squeeze her head through the fence and look all the way up and down the sidewalk to see who was coming. After many years, Dini made many friends. People in the neighborhood would often bring their children and puppies by to see her and pet her through the fence. She was such a staple in our yard that you can even see her laying there on Google street view.

Not long ago my son asked me what kind of dog Dini was. I explained to him that she was a mutt and a mix of all kinds of dogs. He responded, “so you mean she’s one of a kind?”


Dini really was one of a kind.

Thanks to all of you who have been so kind and loving to Dini over the years. Dini was a very lucky pup who had a wonderful life. She gave out a whole lot of love, and it was returned to her many times over. And really, that’s all that we all want from life.

Heavy Hearted,