As healthy as a horse. 🐴

How do you keep a horse healthy? Honestly…we don’t really know. What we do know is how to keep pooches healthy. Not so surprisingly, the best things you can do for your pet to keep them healthy are the same things recommended for humans.

  • Healthy & Balanced Diet
  • Daily Exercise Routine…and lots of walks
  • Regular Check Ups
  • Don’t Eat Too Much Pizza

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Wanna hear a joke about a cat?


While our feline friends may not love jokes, they do (sometimes) enjoy being entertained by a fun toy. Mouse-on-a-string and a cardboard box are fun old classics. If you and your favorite feline are looking to change it up, here are some fun new kitty toys that we love.

  1. Tower of Tracks – This Tower is a triple threat (we mean challenge,) for all smart kitties determined to win!
  2. Yeowww Cat Nip Banana – Has every kitty going Bananas.
  3. Sushi & Catnip – Sushi – For kitties with exquisite taste.

Picking the Best Pet Food 🍖 🍗 🍤

Picking the Best Pet Food

We’re often asked which is the best food to feed your pup or kitty. There are so many options, it’s confusing—we get it. Like humans, pups and kitties respond differently to food based on their genetic make-up. And, needs change based on a pet’s age, activity level, and overall health. There isn’t a one size fits all answer. It’s always best to chat with your Vet. It also helps to keep the following factors in mind:

  1. Number of calories
  2. Meat listed as first ingredient (not a cheap filler…gross!)
  3. Percentage of protein
  4. Proximate analysis (amount of protein, fat, and fiber)

Wanderlust? Pet-friendly hotels! 🏨

Feeling that early summer wanderlust? There’s a good chance your pup feels the same way – time for a road trip. We’ve put together a list of our favorite, pet welcoming hotels. From snuggling in at a boutique hotel to needing a quick stay while on the road, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Kimpton Hotels – ALL pets of ALL sizes welcome. A total dedication to fur-pal happiness and a boutique level experience. Yes. Please.
  2. Sheraton Hotels – For pups up to 80-ish pounds, a great night’s sleep is guaranteed on their signature heavenly beds – they even allow the humans to have them.
  3. Country Inn & Suites – Likely to find a room on the road wherever you need it. Call ahead – most dogs welcomed with belly rubs and humans with cookies.

Pi Day & Pup (Weird) Science

Pi Day & Pup (Weird) Science

3.14 is Pi Day and it has us feelin’ a little sciency. Is your pup right or left pawed? Ambi-paw-strous, perhaps?! That’s right, this is serious stuff. Wanna find out with a quick test?

Dominant Paw Test:

  1. Fill a Kong with something delicious
  2. See which paw your pup uses (prefers) to stabilize it
  3. You now know if they are right or left pawed
  4. Apologize with treats if you’ve been expecting “Give me Paw” from their non-dominant paw

Why Cats Love Luge 🐱❄

It’s almost time for the 2018 Winter Olympics and cats everywhere are getting their cat nip and favorite viewing spots ready. Some cats love curling, a few enjoy snowboarding, but many will spend seconds watching luge. Why do cats love luge?

  1. Speed of event – very little sleep disruption
  2. Tight spandex. #respectthat
  3. Support any sport done while lying down
  4. Similar to Skeleton, but without reminding us of cat costumes


February’s P.O.T.M. is…


Type: Pug

fun fact:
Big City, Little Dog: Mr. Magoo may not be the biggest fan of the snow, but with being less than a year old – everything is a new and exciting experience! Known to make human friends on the spot, he has quickly become a celebrity in his building and at the local parks. Mr. Magoo’s favorite activity is gobbling down his lunch everyday!