Oh look—muuuuud!

Hello, Pet Parents!sept2016-image

It’s no secret that our top priorities in visiting your furry family are that they are loved, very well cared for, and enjoy all aspects of their visits immensely.

With summer changing to fall and fall into winter, pups have some new and rather exciting opportunities while walking. Mud? What mud!? Which puddle should I walk through vs. sit in? Should I dry my fur on the couch or your bed? My parent(s) think my paws, which look just like these prints, are totally cute…right? #mylifeisruff #Ineedanap

While we can’t discourage ALL fun on walks, we do promise to keep any mess outdoors!

Helpful Tidbits:

  1. Towels are awesome: leaving one by the door is helpful for paw cleaning
  2. Paw wipes: a fancier version of a towel and great for making sure paws are really clean
  3. Soapy water spray bottle: another great trick is a spray bottle filled with soapy water. This combined with a towel is also a great combo.

Finally, with changes in seasons often come modified routines for fur-kids. Please keep us pup-dated in the office if you’d like to make adjustments to your pup’s routine. This will help us ensure that our team of Pet Sitters are all well informed regarding any new visit details.

– Your BFFs at Out-U-Go!

September’s P.O.T.M. is…

Type: Pooch

fun fact:
Meet Tekate! Tekate is a senior pup who loves visits from his OUG! BFFs. He especially loves belly rubs and playing with his toys after a nice walk.

Back to School – Avoiding the Pet Blues

Re-establishing a Healthy Routine

back2school-august-2016-newsletterLet’s be honest, getting back into the fall / school routine can be a bit ruff on everyone! After all the lazy days in the yard, frolicking at the beach, and family road trips, back-to-school is “for the birds,” said every pup and kitty ever!

Changes in our human schedules impact our furry family members. Pups and kitties often need some time to get acclimated to new routines too. The folks at MyPetPreference.com shared a few tips to “Ease the Back to School Transition for Your Pet,” a few that resonated with us are:

  1. Coming & Going: Keep it simple and non-emotional suggesting to your pet that it’s no big deal.
  2. Create Alone Time: Use puzzles, toys, and things they are happy playing with while you’re around and hopefully then when you’re not.
  3. Music & TV: Having some calm background noise can help pets feel a bit less isolated when you’re not home.
  4. Field Trips or Visits from Pet Sitters: Create events that help provide much appreciated stimulation for your pets. They’ll look forward to it and are less likely to become bored. (And by that we mean destructive!)

– Your BFFs at Out-U-Go!

august2016- newsletter-potm
August’s P.O.T.M. is…
Type: Kitty
fun fact:
Meet Mele! Mele is a part of our OUG! Chicago family. She enjoys cuddles, play time and lounging with her brother Maleko. These kitties are two of our favorites and we love visiting with these two when Mom is away!

Celebrating 20 years!


The Big 2-0h!

Dear Pet Parents,

It’s Out-U-Go!’s cakeday—our 20th Year in Business (or 140th in dog years.) Either way, it’s a lot of years of waggin’ tails. As a big family of fur loving humans, we’re purrty proud of all that we’ve accomplished. We most certainly wouldn’t be here without your support, trust and ruv.

As we look back and reflect, it’s incredible to think that we’ve taken care of multiple generations of pets, watched many human babies grow up to be big “kids,” and have expanded our OUG family with wonderful Top Dogs in new cities all of whom are dedicated to spreading more peace, love, and belly rubs. Our hearts are full and our days filled with wiggles here at Out-U-Go!.

We’re humbled that all of you have welcomed and trusted us to be a part of your lives. We ask that you please pass along our gratitude in the form of chin scratches, slobbery kisses, and belly rubs to your furry family members—who we hope are snuggling with you while you’re reading this!

Thanks for a pAwesome Twenty Years!
– Your BFFs at Out-U-Go!


cae80e57-c4b5-48e5-8f31-3b5a28d3b309July’s P.O.T.M. is…


Type: Pup
Age: 1 year

fun fact:
Meet Otto! Otto is a fun loving pup and a favorite among our pawesome team of sitters. He has certainly got this whole dog thing down!

Super Food for Dogs – by Amber Kingsley

If you want to imply the excellence of an event or object, putting “super” in front of it usually works. The Super Bowl is far more important than a standard championship game. And most households will turn to Super Glue versus regular glue for those tough repair jobs.

The idea of eating superfoods follows along those same lines. Superfoods contain a greater collection of nutrients and vitamins than many other type of foods. When commercial dog food can contain unknown or potentially harmful chemicals or additives, making sure your dog receives the proper nutrients can be essential to its health. Best of all, some of the same superfoods can improve the health of both you and your dog, and can help with a recovering illnesses as strong as cancer.

Super Fruits and Vegetables

While you might not have considered feeding certain superfoods that you eat to your dog, some of these superfoods will give your dog additional energy and health benefits, just as these foods do for you. Many people wouldn’t consider feeding their dog fruit, for example, but there are a couple of fruits and vegetables that fit in the superfoods category that your dog may enjoy eating.

  • The antioxidants and fiber contained in blueberries can help to regulate your dog’s blood sugar, while providing benefits to the animal’s brain and heart functions. Blueberries are best given to your dog in moderation, as they can aid in digestion in small doses, but they can cause digestion problems if overdone.
  • One of the most nutrient-rich vegetables is broccoli, providing a large number of benefits for humans and canines alike. Your dog will receive improved eye, skin, and heart health with a regular incorporation of broccoli in its diet. A dog may like to chew on a raw broccoli stalk after you’ve cut off the broccoli head for use with your meal.
  • Carrots contain a variety of vitamins that can provide benefits for the dog’s internal organs, including the heart and eyes. And if you give your dog a large raw carrot to gnaw on, it can keep the dog’s teeth clean too. Some dogs will appreciate having cooked carrots added to their regular bowl of dog food.

Super Leafy Greens for Your Dog

If you’re more of a fan of leafy greens and eating salads, superfoods exist that will fit your desires here too. Your dog may especially enjoy a couple of leafy green superfoods.

  • Kale is receiving a lot of publicity among nutritionists for use in a human diet, but this leafy green is great for your dog too. Vitamin A, C, and K all are found in kale, as well as high levels of calcium and iron. Kale can be added to your dog’s diet in many ways, including baking it in treats or adding steamed kale to a bowl of dog food.
  • Spinach is a type of superfood that is believed to work to prevent cancer in dogs. It also provides benefits to the animal’s bones and heart. Vitamin K, iron, and fiber are available in high levels with spinach.

Making your own blend of Superfood to satisfy your dog’s taste buds may be difficult.  There are plenty of recipes available online that simplify the process of making your own dog’s food or dog treats, allowing you to add a variety of superfoods to recipes.

*By Amber Kingsley, pet writer.

Super Food for Dogs

Super Food for Dogs

Spring, Fetch, Love

Toss. Human Removes Slobber from Hand. Fetch. Repeat! Does this little gem of a game sound familiar?  What about romps to the dog park, beach, or through your backyard? If you and your furry friend love these spring activities, we’ve got a list of a few “pup essentials” you should have readily available in a travel tote for fun, exercise, and safety on the go.

  1. Reusable Water Bottle with Bowl
  2. Sanitizer or Pawnitizer Wipes – (see above—seriously, don’t leave home without them!)
  3. Poo Bags & More Poo Bags
  4. Bouncing Jive Ball or Flying Frisbee
  5. LED safety collar lights for all those night owl pups

Also, our friends at BarkPost shared this great post: 21 Funny Dog Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up How We Feel About Spring

– Your BFFs at Out-U-Go!


35979db3-30ed-4698-ba97-f17630b652bdApril’s P.O.T.M. is…

Type: Pooch

fun fact:

Peaches is one of our goofy, fun loving Oak Park pups who loves playing with her brother Staley & can always make time for some extra cuddles. She is an absolute “peach” to visit with & we couldn’t be happier to have them as part of our OUG family!

Spring Break is around the corner, Pet Parents…

22e4a5e6-04d6-4b01-8e91-ff596c586fdaIt’s everyone’s favorite time of year to pack their bags, throw their family in the car, and head out for their own memorable Griswold style adventure. Now, more than ever, popular vacation destinations are welcoming to both human and canine family members. Below is a list of the 5 highest rated pet friendly vacation spots*:

  1. Mendocino Coast, CA
  2. San Juan Islands
  3. Telluride, CO
  4. Sedona, AZ
  5. San Francisco, CA

*Provided by the humans at iheartdogs.com

If your pup or kitty isn’t planning on traveling with you, that’s what Out-U-Go! is here for. We’d be happy to set up doggie vacation care, kitty sitting, or house sitting for your furry family members.

Shoot us an email, give us a ring, drop us a line, or send us a fax. (Actually don’t send us a fax, our fax machine is sitting in the same pile with our VCR.) Or even better:

Click here to schedule your spring break pet care

New pet parents can schedule a Meet & Greet here

– Your BFFs at Out-U-Go!

March’s P.O.T.M. is…

Type: Dog
Age: 9

fun fact:
Meet Finnley! Our awesome Chicago sitter Kelsey recently welcomed a furry friend of her own into her family. Finn’s loves playing fetch, belly rubs & all things Out-U-Go!


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Gobble Gobble, Pet Parents!

We hope you’re all enjoying the final days of fall tromping through the last of the leaves and soaking up the remainder of evening sunshine. With Turkey Day just around the corner, the human gang at OUG! is getting excited for turkey, stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoes, and all the other deliciousness. Unfortunately, in our annual fall celebration of human gluttony our pups and kitties often get left out of the party.

This year we are going to include our furry family in the extravaganza by baking these recipes:
Pumpkin Pie Dog Biscuits
Kitty Turkey Treats

Happy Turkey Day Everyone!

– Your BFFs at Out-U-Go!

Refer your neighbor to Out-U-Go! and he or she will get a $50 OUG! Gift Certificate*

* offer valid to new OUG! pet parents only

Out-U-Go! Pet of the Month

November’s P.O.T.M. is…

Type: Puppy
Age: 8 weeks


fun fact: 
Appa is a wildly adorable Samoyed puppy whose hobbies include hugging your arm, chewing his bone, and trying to catch leaves as they fall off of trees!


Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn & bichon bubble…

BOO, Pet Parents!

The air is getting crisp, the leaves are changing, and our pooches couldn’t be happier to get outdoors. Life is good…that is until October 31st. Halloween is arguably the best holiday to have a furry buddy and perhaps the worst day to be a man/woman’s best friend.  After all, we’re not entirely sure that turning them into a hot-dog, yoda, or something else super silly for the day is quite as hysterical to them as it is their human counter-parts. But hey, we all make sacrifices within a family, right?!  

OUG! ’s Halloween and can’t wait to see all those smiling-ish furry faces dressed to impress…or perhaps appease.

- Your BFFs at Out-U-Go!

Refer your neighbor to Out-U-Go! and he or she will get a $50 OUG! Gift Certificate*
* offer valid to new OUG! pet parents only

Out-U-Go! Pet of the Month October's P.O.T.M. is...
Type: English Lab
Age: 8 months

fun fact: 
Franklin plans to run for mayor of Chicago in 2019. His campaign slogan: "Who's a good boy???"


Happy September Parents!

It’s hard to believe it is September and another summer has flown by all too quickly! The human kids have sharpened their pencils, are sporting their new backpacks, and have headed back to school. We “grown-ups” are very quickly settling back into our normal work / life schedules. New routines don’t only affect the small and large humans in our homes, they impact our dog kids as well. (Cats too, though they very well may welcome some peace and quiet). Cesar Milan wrote a great article on the Back to School Doggie Blues. – One of his suggestions for alleviating puppy blues is an afternoon walk and visit.

Let us know how we can help make your fall transition a little easier.

– Your BFFs at Out-U-Go!

September’s P.O.T.M. is…



Type: Newfoundland-ish
Age: 4 years

fun fact:
Wrigley is known for laying on his back, paws straight up in the air, to stay cool on a warm summer day. He also enjoys long walks in the park, when bacon accidentally falls on the ground, and anything that squeaks!

madison pet sitter, Rebecca

Meet Madison WI Pet Sitter Extraordinaire, Rebecca!

Meet Madison WI Pet Sitter Extraordinaire, Rebecca! Rebecca grew up with an assortment of unusual pets and has two interesting hidden talents!

I’m in charge of: Making sure your furry friends get nice and tired by the end of their walk! There’s nothing better than a content pet afterward who wants to just lounge in their bed with a toy or a treat. Whatever specialized treatment your buddy needs, I’ll match it…and give them extra scratches and snuggles!

My furry family: I’ve grown up as one of the pack with dogs, hunted alongside barn cats, groomed and rode horses, critters such as rats, mice, and degus.

At the moment, my responsibility is to tire out and play with my roommate’s dog Charlie when he comes to visit and serve as the official couch/snuggle buddy for Azzie (as pictured here).

Super power: If I could have any supernatural power, it would be telepathy. That way I could see what my furry friends truly want at any moment without having to guess. Do they want a specific toy to play with, or a treat? What if they have an internal injury but don’t know how to convey it? The possibilities are endless! Plus, the idea of sharing a mind with a happy pet sounds pretty awesome.

Best Thing Ever: Having pets as ice breakers at social events! Our four-legged friends love the attention, and almost everyone has a funny pet story to share. It’s simple, but effective. My favorite story is how my family dog, Fletch, stole a loaf of bread from the neighbors and gave it to me, bragging and wagging his tail.

Hidden Talent: I’m a silver-level competitive ballroom dancer. I’m also synesthetic, a phenomenon best explained as experiencing blending of the senses (i.e. visualizing color when listening to music)…I discovered this about myself a few months ago! I just assumed everyone listened to music the same way I do until I read “Musicophelia” by Oliver Sacks.

Life Philosophy: Accept help and opportunities with grace, be polite in the worst circumstances, and find your true form of expression.