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4 Funtastic Doggie 🐕 Toys

“Don’t go, stay right here!”

Hiya Pet Parents,

It’s back-to-school, more activities for the kiddos, tighter schedules for Pet Parents, and pups that want to remain busy, active, and frankly, keep their humans home. If you’re interested in a dog’s perspective, we’d recommend reading BarkPost’s “13 Terrible Back-To-School Advice From Your Dog (Who Wishes You’d Just Stay Home).” We think it’s pretty spot on. We also think they’d appreciate a new toy and visits from their OUG! B.F.F. to help get back into routine!

Top Dog Toys – OUG! Canine Approved

  1. Atomic Treat Ball – IQ test, anyone?
  2. Kong – A Classic
  3. Tux – Moves funny, actually indestructible, and we love West Paw
  4. Nom,Nomz – For the foodie Pup that likes more squeak than chew

Don’t forget, please let us know regarding any changes to you and your fur-fam’s schedule for fall.

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Peace, Love, & Belly Rubs
– Your BFFs at Out-U-Go!


August’s P.O.T.M. are…

& Willy

Type: Exotic Shorthair
Age: 3 years
fun fact:
Willy (left) and Louis (right) were nominated by their bestie, Andy! These two photos were taken on their birthday last month, and as you can see, they know how to party! Louis loves having his photo taken, but Willy has to be distracted with toys – when Andy gets too close with the camera, he just can’t understand why Andy isn’t petting him instead. 🙂