Berkeley Lake in Denver CO

Top 3 Scenic Dog Walking Routes in Denver

Finding great, scenic dog walking routes in Denver is something we’re always sniffing around for. While Sherlock’s nose is to the ground (searching for squirrel clues, of course!), it’s a treat for parents to take in such sights as unique architecture, local history, or beautiful natural landscapes. Our paws have done some walkin’, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite routes across town for you and your pups to check out!

  1. Walk around Berkeley Lake

    • Location: Behind Scheitler Recreation Center in NW Denver
    • Parking: Lot at 5031 W. 46th Ave., Denver, CO 80212
    • Walk: One mile around the lake behind the rec center
    • Sights: Scenic views of Rocky Mountains line the background
    • Features: Be sure to stop by the nice new dog park on the west side of the lake so your pup can run off-leash
  2. Walk around Sloan’s Lake

    Sloan's Lake in Denver, CO

    • Location: Lake is at Sheridan Blvd. at W. 17th Ave., Denver, CO 80219
    • Parking: Lot at NW corner of the lake
    • Walk: Couple-mile loop around the lake
    • Heads Up: Lots of geese and ducks!
    • Sights: Nice views of downtown Denver! Also, keep your eyes open for water skiers and wake boarders showing off on the water!
  3. Walk around Wash Park

    Wash Park in Denver CO

    • Location: Nice popular park at S. Downing St. & E. Louisiana Ave.,
      Denver, CO 80209
    • Parking: Along S. Downing
    • Walk: Loop around the large park
    • Heads Up: Watch out for bikers!
    • Features: Bring a Frisbee to throw around inside the park–there are lots of grassy areas to play!

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