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madison pet sitter, Rebecca

Meet Madison WI Pet Sitter Extraordinaire, Rebecca!

Meet Madison WI Pet Sitter Extraordinaire, Rebecca! Rebecca grew up with an assortment of unusual pets and has two interesting hidden talents!

I’m in charge of: Making sure your furry friends get nice and tired by the end of their walk! There’s nothing better than a content pet afterward who wants to just lounge in their bed with a toy or a treat. Whatever specialized treatment your buddy needs, I’ll match it…and give them extra scratches and snuggles!

My furry family: I’ve grown up as one of the pack with dogs, hunted alongside barn cats, groomed and rode horses, critters such as rats, mice, and degus.

At the moment, my responsibility is to tire out and play with my roommate’s dog Charlie when he comes to visit and serve as the official couch/snuggle buddy for Azzie (as pictured here).

Super power: If I could have any supernatural power, it would be telepathy. That way I could see what my furry friends truly want at any moment without having to guess. Do they want a specific toy to play with, or a treat? What if they have an internal injury but don’t know how to convey it? The possibilities are endless! Plus, the idea of sharing a mind with a happy pet sounds pretty awesome.

Best Thing Ever: Having pets as ice breakers at social events! Our four-legged friends love the attention, and almost everyone has a funny pet story to share. It’s simple, but effective. My favorite story is how my family dog, Fletch, stole a loaf of bread from the neighbors and gave it to me, bragging and wagging his tail.

Hidden Talent: I’m a silver-level competitive ballroom dancer. I’m also synesthetic, a phenomenon best explained as experiencing blending of the senses (i.e. visualizing color when listening to music)…I discovered this about myself a few months ago! I just assumed everyone listened to music the same way I do until I read “Musicophelia” by Oliver Sacks.

Life Philosophy: Accept help and opportunities with grace, be polite in the worst circumstances, and find your true form of expression.

Paddle & Portage Madison WI pet event

Madison Pet Events Recap: Paddle & Portage

Out-U-Go! Madison had a blast at Paddle and Portage 2014, which took place on Saturday, July 19! This quirky challenge featured a canoe race in Lake Mendota and Lake Monona, plus a portage across the Capitol Square.

The race began at 9:00am and was followed by a fun party in the park! Check out Paddle & Portage for race results and photo galleries following this zany event!

Meet Madison's Awesome Pet Sitter Erica

Meet Madison’s Awesome Pet Sitter, Erica!

I’m in charge of: I get all those cute pups out the door for some exercise and the ever-important potty break. I also take care of all the critters while their humans are away from home.

My furry family: I’ve got a whole critter crew! I have three felines- Rodrigo, Rigamarole, and Wingnut. In addition, there are two bunnies scampering around the kitchen named Porthos and Cosettle, a hedgehog in the bedroom named Phinneus, and a pet mouse in the living room named Bacon. My boyfriend usually has a couple of aquatic-type animals as well.

Super power: I could brain storm this one for hours. Hmmm…maybe the ability to speak any language at will?

Best Thing Ever: I really love good food and drinks.

Hidden Talent: I can roller skate! I play roller derby in my free time.

Life Philosophy: Travel often, eat well, and snuggle the pups & kitties!

Out-U-Go! Madison's Lisa and her dog, Finn!

First Year of OUG! Love in Madison


Big wags, Out-U-Go! family and friends!

High fives and congrats go out to OUG! Madison’s Top Dog, Lisa! Together with her crew of helpful humans, Lisa is celebrating her first year anniversary in business. In the past twelve months alone, her Wisconsin location has expanded to include 8 awesome pet sitters, causing more than 3,000 tails to wag!

We also couldn’t be prouder of OUG! Madison’s community contributions, namely a partnership with Dane County Humane Society to include fundraising event sponsorship and a holiday donation drive benefiting the shelter’s pets in need. We are thrilled about OUG! Madison’s year-one achievements and excited for new accomplishments to come.

Another round of high fives goes out to our amazing Out-U-Go! family…You! Without your continued support, we wouldn’t be able to share our love, belly rubs, and chin scratches to our growing furry family! We are forever grateful for your help spreading the good OUG! word to your family, friends, and neighbors.

Paws & Whiskers,

Interested in your own Out-U-Go! Franchise opportunity? Give us a “woof!”

Madison Pet Sitter Leona

Meet Multi-Talented Madison Pet Sitter, Leona

Leona grew up on a horse farm in Maryland and still goes riding with her horse, Maggie. She is also an artist, mostly specializing in illustrations!

I am in charge of: Making sure pups, kitties, and other critters get plenty of play and snuggle time while their pet parents are away.

My furry family: Daisy (pictured) and Lollipop, two tuxedo kitties who still love to play like they’re ten years younger.

Super power: Shape-shifting so I could run and play with pups as one of their own kind!

Hidden talent: I make toys for my kitties.

Best thing ever: Cuddles from pups and kitties!

Best day ever: I absolutely love to go hiking at Devil’s Lake.

Best night ever: Lying on the couch with tea, a good book, and a kitty curled up next to me.

Life philosophy: Life is short, but it’s only sweet if you share it with a furry friend!

nutzy mutz & crazy catz madison wi pet boutique owner liz perry

Meet Nutzy Mutz & Crazy Catz Madison, WI, Pet Boutique Owner, Liz Perry

Meet Liz Perry! She is the owner of Nutzy Mutz & Crazy Catz, a local pet boutique in Madison that specializes in organic pet food! She has a wealth of knowledge about the best kibble to provide your pooch and kitties. She also loves Out-U-Go! Madison Pet Care!

Stop in to meet Liz and her adorable adoptable kitties while you are at it!

Featured Madison Pet Sitter, Meagan

Meet OUG!’s Featured Madison Pet Sitter, Meagan

I’m in charge of: Hanging with your “kids” while you’re off on an adventure!

My furry family: None as of now. All the more reason to hang out with yours!

Super power: Flying. I hate airports.

Hidden Talent: I can do a mean Irish Jig.

Best Thing Ever: Thunderstorms in the middle of summer where the rain is warm. Best. Ever.

Life Philosophy: “Never, never, never give up.” -Winston Churchill

Madison Events: Mounds Dog Fest

Madison Events: DogFest 2013

Out-U-Go! Madison joined over 100 other pet friendly vendors at Mounds Dog Fest this year, which took place on June 9, 2013 from 10:00am – 4:00pm. The pet-friendly Madison event was held at Angell Park in Sun Prairie (315 Park St, Sun Prairie, WI 53590). Over 7,000 people were in attendance! If you missed it, be sure to attend next year!! Photos from the event are posted on Mounds’ web site.

Mounds annual Dog Fest features paws-on activities, rescue groups, dog friendly businesses, pet food vendors, demos, contests and more!

Best Dog Parks in Madison, WI

Best Dog Parks in Madison, WI

Dog parents understand the importance of finding a great local dog park. Dog parks are a great resource for your furry friend to run to his heart’s content, interact with other dogs, sniff new things, and buddy up to humans in attempts to gain cookies. It is also a great place for pet parents to meet like-minded neighbors and share fur-children stories! We’ve put together a list of the best dog parks in Madison, Wisconsin, to help you find a spot with the amenities, space, and cookie-dispensing humans that your pup is looking for!

  1. Quann Dog Park: The ultimate dog park of dog parks in Madison, Quann Park has it all! It is often called “The Dog Exercise Park” and offers a fenced area in which pups can catch a ball or frisbee. There are picnic tables for snacking and trails for exploring. Other amenities include a water fountain and bag dispenser. Conveniently located at 1802 Quann-Olin Pkwy, the park offers plenty of parking for human vehicles.
  2. Brittingham Dog Park: Located at 401 West Shore Drive at Broom St., Brittingham Park is a scenic spot in Madison. The fenced area offers benches for relaxing while your pooch tears around with pals, and there is a bag dispenser in case you forgot to bring your own!
  3. Sycamore Dog Park: Dogs will find loads of room to run and play off-leash in the large designated (and fenced!) area of Sycamore Park. The park, located at 4517 Sycamore Park, offers benches and a bag dispenser.
  4. Warner Dog Park: Connected to Warner Park which is distinctive for its natural beauty and expansive tracts of land, Warner Dog Park is primarily defined by its links to the community. Occasionally, the park plays host to a variety of social happenings such as charity walk/run events and community festivals. The mid-sized park measures in at approximately eight acres.

Have fun exploring!