Dogs love apples!

If you’re headed to the orchards this fall, and wondering what to do with all those apples, be sure and set a few aside for baking healthy dog treats! Your pup will thank you!

We’re excited to try these:

**It’s always a good idea to ask your Veterinarian before introducing any new foods to your pup!**

If apple picking isn’t your thing, but yummy dog treats and ordering on-line are, we’d also recommend Bocce’s Bakery’s Fireside Apple Pie Treats.

Happy Fall & Happy Apple Picking,

The OUG! Gang

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Save it for a rainy day…

Cute French bulldog wearing rain boots, raincoat, and rain goggles with wipers.

Suffice it to say, we’re all ready for more time outside! If your pup is equally excited to get outdoors, but less so when it means getting wet, we have some tips for your spring survival:

Feed dogs treats during rainy walks to make it a positive experience.

Make it a positive experience. Bring treats.



Work on potty-on-cue commands and reinforce with treats.

Develop a potty-on-cue command like “go potty.” Reward for success.



Cute bulldog in a raincoat. Raincoats are good options for dogs that don't like rainy day dog walks.

Try a pup raincoat. More treats.



During rainy day dog walks, start with short distances and slowly add distance.

Start with short walks and slowly add distance building tolerance for rain over time.

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From our family to yours…

As 2020 comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to extend a giant THANK YOU from the entire OUG! family to all our Pet Parents that have supported Out-U-Go!, and other small businesses, this year.

Know that your generosity, thoughtful messages, and requests for visits have kept this team of Top Dogs moving forward and very much looking forward to a brighter and better year ahead.

 From the OUG! family to yours: thank you & be well.