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Chicago & Oak Park pet-sitter-party

Out-U-Go! Chicago & Oak Park Pet Sitters Celebrate Surviving the Polar Vortex!

After biking, driving, and walking pups all through this epic Polar Vortex of winters, we thought our awesome pet sitters deserved some serious celebration. Those of us in the office thought it was a tough Winter, but would NEVER be caught complaining about it in front of those that were actually OUT there doing the visits! Are they amazing or what?

In addition to celebrating Sara’s soon-to-be motherhood and Chris’s addition to the OUG! team, we toasted our tough-as-nails team for surviving the sub-zero temperatures Oak Park served us up these past few months.

It’s always great to get together and swap dog stories, share photos of our favorite furry friends, and just have a good time with people who love pups & kitties as much as we do!

Click to view more party photos on Facebook! Cheers to our Pet Sitting team!

Oak Park Pet Sitter Gretchen and her pugs

Meet Oak Park Pet Sitter & Your B.F.F. (Best Friend’s Friend!), Gretchen!

Gretchen has been walking pups with us for nearly a year now. She is best friend to many a pup in Oak Park!

My Furry Family: Two silly pugs, Gus & Lulu!

Favorite Animal (besides pups & kitties, of course!): “Moo!” Cows 🙂

Favorite Game: Pounce, the card game.

Best Gift Ever: Pair of Doc Martens!

My superpower would be: Super speed!

Life Philosophy: Enjoy your life…don’t waste it wishing you had someone else’s!

Grace Oak Park pet sitter and her dog Fender

Meet Oak Park Pet Sitter, Grace, and Her Adorable Pups! [PHOTO]

Grace is having SO much fun taking care of your furry family members! Get to know her a little bit!

My Furry Family: Two dogs: Fender, a 3-year-old Doberman Pinscher and Duncan, a 2-year-old Belgian Malinois.

My Favorite Animal (other than dogs & cats): Snakes

My Favorite Game: Training my doggies. I try to make sure it’s always a huge game that is fun for both them and me.

Best Gift Ever: Fender, my Dobe…he was my Christmas present this year!

My Superpower Would Be: Teleporting, especially considering this past winter.

Life Philosophy: Enjoy what you do, and do what you enjoy.

Oak Park pet sitter Ciara with her dog and puppy!

Meet Oak Park & Forest Park’s Awesome Pet Sitter, Ciara!

Ciara begins her weekdays with college courses, and she ends them walking your pups and visiting your kitties. What a great way to gear up for a late-night study session!

AKA (nickname): Cici

My furry family: Sheena, an 11-year-old Bouvier, and a new spaniel-mix puppy named Daisy!

My favorite animal (other than cats & dogs): Horse

My favorite game: Apples to Apples

Best gift ever: Anything sweet, I have a huge sweet tooth!

My superpower would be: I would love to fly or teleport so I could travel anywhere in the world.

Life philosophy: Travel and experience as much of the world as possible!

Oak Park dog Buster wears his SitStayRead Certified Reading Assistance Dog bandana

Meet Oak Park’s SitStayRead Certified Reading Assistance Dog, Buster!

We are lucky to take care of some amazing dogs and cats, and we are super excited to introduce you the the amazing, talented, and ADORABLE Buster!

Nickname: BooBoo

I’m in charge of: Guarding my half of the couch.

My favorite game: Not coming in from the backyard when called.

Favorite thing to do on a sunny day: Hang with my best friends, Daisy and Herbert (OUG! gets to walk them, too!).

Favorite thing to do on a rainy day: Go to school and read with kids! I’m a SitStayRead doggie!

Best gift ever: A home and someone who puts up with me eating poop!

Life philosophy: Keep it simple: snacks, naps, and walks in the woods.

If I could say one thing to the whole world: Take a chance on stressed out doggies and kitties at shelters!

Learn about Out-U-Go!’s partnership with SitStayRead!

Best of OUG! Top Dog Halloween Costumes: Chicago & Oak Park Edition! [PHOTOS]

Halloween is a pretty great holiday to share with your pet. Not only does every pup’s favorite word occur within its most popular exclamation, “trick or treat,” it is a day (…or week…or entire month) where a furry body running around in a little hot dog suit or carrying out an entire neighborhood watch shift, a.k.a. walk, wearing a skeleton outfit is not considered absurd.

Meet a few of our Chicago and Oak Park pet pals who are donning their best dog Halloween costumes in the spirit of the spooky!

This is Otis, Pack Leader Nicolette’s pup! Here Otis is dressed as his favorite Futurama character, Nibbler. Otis and Nibbler share not only a striking resemblance, but also personality traits as well. They both like to eat a lot of food (and will chow down on just about anything), they like to sleep, and their favorite thing to do (other than eating, of course) is to cuddle with Mom. While Otis was not as accustomed to wearing a diaper like Nibbler is, he was a good sport and showed only a mild disdain for the costume.


Here, Otis proves that being a superhero is exhausting. After a morning filled with getting chin scratches for looking too cute in his bat wings, he takes a snooze under the coffee table at OUG! Central. Surely, he is dreaming about flying around outside to scare all of the squirrels out of his trees! Bat doggie to the rescue!


Vern is General Manager Sara’s two year old Terrier mix that LOVES food and has a history of thievery here at the OUG! office. So when Executive Canine Strategist Laura saw this Hot Dog costume she just knew she had to bring it in for Vern! The first time Sara put it on him at home he strutted around like the little Hot Dog he is. She took it off and put it on the end table. Next thing she knew, Vern was chewing on it! VERN! It’s not a REAL Hot Dog you silly pooch!!!!


What are your four-legged kiddos dressing up as for Halloween?

Oak Park pet sitter dog walker Nora

Meet Oak Park Dog Walker & Pet Sitter Extraordinaire, Nora!

Nora’s experience in caring for horses has been helpful in taking care of your (much smaller!) furry families.

My Furry Family: Four kitties: Colby, Ivan, Streator, & Zoe!

My Favorite Animal (other than cats & dogs): Horses!

My Favorite Game: Horseback riding!

Best Gift Ever: A great C.D.!

My Superpower Would Be: Time travel.

Life Philosophy: “Don’t ask what the world needs – ask what makes you come alive and go do it – because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Zsa Zsa's story featured in coffee table dog book

Zsa Zsa’s Story To Be Featured in Dog Coffee Table Book

Here at Out-U-Go!, of course we think every dog and cat deserves a loving home. And we love a happy ending.

Zsa Zsa, a Cavalier King Charles pup, has one of those stories. Her mother, Izzy, was rescued from a Puppy Mill. When the organization rescued her, they discovered she was pregnant.

Zsa Zsa is one of her puppies. She will never have to endure a Puppy Mill. In fact, she will be showered with her Pet Parents’ and OUG! love furrrever!!

An author recently became interested in the story about Izzy and her puppies, including Zsa Zsa, and is putting together a coffee table book telling their amazing “tail”!

Former Head Oak Park Dog Walker Sarah E with baby Marley

Former Head Oak Park Dog Walker & her Baby Daughter Marley! [PHOTO]

Former Out-U-Go! Head Oak Park Dog Walker, Sarah, and her husband, John, welcomed a beautiful baby girl on June 27. Marley & Momma are happy, healthy and loved!

Sarah sends her love to all the OUG! pups & kitties. She misses visiting your furry families but loves being a mom!

Photo: Marley’s onesie has a kitty on it, to say “hi” to all her OUG! puppy & kitty pals!