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coloradogs fundraiser

First Annual Chili Cook Off for ColoRADogs a Huge Success!

With the help of Boulder’s Natural Animal Hospital, Only Natural Pet Store, and The Honest Kitchen, the First Annual Chili Cook off raised nearly $2,000 to benefit ColoRADogs! Out-U-Go! Boulder & Denver Pet Care appreciates everyone’s help organizing this awesome event and extend a huge THANK U to all who attended.

Big Wags!

Hillary in Denver with her dog and cat

Meet Hillary, OUG! Denver’s Longest-Serving Expert Veteran Pet Sitter!

I’m in charge of: Being your pet’s best friend who they think you know nothing about! I am the giver of all things wonderful. Walks, treats, love…Oh my!

My furry family:

  • Kiwi, my pug. She is my heart. And best friend. She is the cutest, sweetest pug who ever pugged. And the ruler of the cats.
  • Weezer is the best cat ever. No, seriously, everyone says so. Just don’t leave your eyeglasses out! ::chomp::
  • Stacia is a black and white beauty who has an affinity for stinky shoes, licking wet hair, and meowing “now!” when it’s dinner time.
  • Nunu is a delicate beast of a cat who will talk your ear off if you let her.
  • Bug is a feral cat with a heart of gold. He is the funniest little guy, if he lets you see that side of him.
  • My super power: It’s a tie between being invisible or reading minds! Imagine the possibilities!

Best thing ever: Coconut anything!

Hidden Talent: Parallel parking. Composing and singing songs for my pets and yours! Planning and hosting themed parties.

Life Philosophy: You get what you give. Also: if it feels good, do it twice!

Colorado pet sitter Mark

Meet Colorado Pet Sitting Superstar, Mark!

I’m in charge of: Not only do I give your pup a chance to poop while you’re away, I provide stimulation! By reinforcing pet parent training and changing up our walk routes often, your pup gets exercise for the body and mind…and nose!

My furry family: No pets right now. Sad face. I am new to Colorado and I wanted to be sure I have the schedule, environment, and a proper home for a pet to thrive in! I’ve got my eye on a Shiba Inu rescue for when the time is right!

My superpower would be: Ooooo…my favorite icebreaker question. I think I would choose invisibility to get to the bottom of Area 51 and expose the formula for Coca Cola…I’d also see a lot of free movies and concerts! If I could have two super powers, I would combine my invisibility with time travel to go back in time and watch the great artistic masters paint.

Best thing ever: Good food, live music, and the love of my wife. All three of those things wrapped together in varying daily quantities make me a generally pretty happy fellow.

Hidden Talent: The ability to flawlessly toss a poop bag into an open distant dumpster. Also, people tell me stuff. All the time. It’s weird.

Life Philosophy: Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life! Thanks for using Out-U-Go! and helping me live out my philosophy every day!!

Denver Boulder Maxfund-No-Kill-Shelter-Donations

Denver & Boulder’s Hands for Paws Donation Drive To Benefit Maxfund No-Kill Shelter!

The Out-U-Go! Hands for Paws donation drive benefiting the Maxfund No-Kill Shelter in Denver was a huge success this year! Once again, our awesome pet parents donated a ton of supplies that the Maxfund really needed.

Last month, we dropped off a truckload of the supplies our pet sitters picked up from your homes (leashes, dog beds, food & treats, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and more) to the Maxfund. They were so grateful to receive your gifts!

THANK U to everyone who helped make it happen!


Out-U-Go! Boulder Has Moved to an Awesome New Office!!

OUG! Boulder has relocated to an awesome, fully upgraded and brand new office! Located at 3300 Arapahoe Ave Suite #204 and right above Jimmy John’s, OUG! Boulder is thrilled to have a great new work space.

We’d love for you to stop by and say hello! Just look for the OUG! sign on the west-facing side of the building. Feel free to swing by and have a cup of coffee, on us!

Humane Society of Boulder Valley flooding help pets

How to Help Colorado Flood Victims

Colorado suffered terrible flooding this September, and Out-U-Go! Denver and Boulder Pet Care Services wish only the best for all those effected by this tragedy.

Our office stayed mostly dry, but many others were not that lucky. We’d like to pass along that the Humane Society of Boulder Valley is accepting donations to help pets in need in the wake of the storm.

Paw here to help those in need.

Meet Colorado Pet Sitter Extraordinaire, C.J.!

Meet Colorado Pet Sitter Extraordinaire, C.J.!

I’m In Charge Of: Making sure our four-legged friends get out and about during the day so they can smell the world & go potty.

My Furry Family: I have a Corgi named Ember who is my baby girl. She’s spoiled rotten so she doesn’t always listen! I also have two cats: Missy & Flint. Missy eats everything (literally) and Flint is fat and sassy.

My Super Power Would Be: Flying! Then I could save on gas and walk more dogs.

Best Thing Ever: Being in the mountains with my dog on a sunny day.

Hidden Talent: My hidden talent is only hidden during the summer–I’m an awesome snowboarder!

Life Philosophy: Life is an adventure!

Meet Featured OUG! Colorado Pet Sitter, Jake!

I’m in charge of: Pampering pups and cuddling kitties.

Super power: To make it sunny outside for all your doggies’ walks!

Best Thing Ever: Having pets!!

Hidden Talent: Expert horseradish maker.

Life Philosophy: Always be succesful and never give up.

My furry family: Santiago the Cat, Mariachi the Cat, Tequilla the Guinea Pig, Diablo the Iguana, Agave the Bearded Dragon, and Fishy The Fish.

Berkeley Lake in Denver CO

Top 3 Scenic Dog Walking Routes in Denver

Finding great, scenic dog walking routes in Denver is something we’re always sniffing around for. While Sherlock’s nose is to the ground (searching for squirrel clues, of course!), it’s a treat for parents to take in such sights as unique architecture, local history, or beautiful natural landscapes. Our paws have done some walkin’, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite routes across town for you and your pups to check out!

  1. Walk around Berkeley Lake

    • Location: Behind Scheitler Recreation Center in NW Denver
    • Parking: Lot at 5031 W. 46th Ave., Denver, CO 80212
    • Walk: One mile around the lake behind the rec center
    • Sights: Scenic views of Rocky Mountains line the background
    • Features: Be sure to stop by the nice new dog park on the west side of the lake so your pup can run off-leash
  2. Walk around Sloan’s Lake

    Sloan's Lake in Denver, CO

    • Location: Lake is at Sheridan Blvd. at W. 17th Ave., Denver, CO 80219
    • Parking: Lot at NW corner of the lake
    • Walk: Couple-mile loop around the lake
    • Heads Up: Lots of geese and ducks!
    • Sights: Nice views of downtown Denver! Also, keep your eyes open for water skiers and wake boarders showing off on the water!
  3. Walk around Wash Park

    Wash Park in Denver CO

    • Location: Nice popular park at S. Downing St. & E. Louisiana Ave.,
      Denver, CO 80209
    • Parking: Along S. Downing
    • Walk: Loop around the large park
    • Heads Up: Watch out for bikers!
    • Features: Bring a Frisbee to throw around inside the park–there are lots of grassy areas to play!
Featured OUG! Cat Photo: Layla

Featured OUG! Cat Photo: Layla

I’m in charge of: Being furry.

My furry family: My dog Berkeley and some other annoying kitty.

Super power: Being furry.

Best Thing Ever: The indentation that develops on the bed after 12+ hrs of lying in the same spot (as you can see, I am working on creating this in my featured cat photo).

Hidden Talent: Hunting bugs.

Life Philosophy: Stay furry my friends.