Meet Colorado Pet Sitter Extraordinaire, C.J.!

Meet Colorado Pet Sitter Extraordinaire, C.J.!

I’m In Charge Of: Making sure our four-legged friends get out and about during the day so they can smell the world & go potty.

My Furry Family: I have a Corgi named Ember who is my baby girl. She’s spoiled rotten so she doesn’t always listen! I also have two cats: Missy & Flint. Missy eats everything (literally) and Flint is fat and sassy.

My Super Power Would Be: Flying! Then I could save on gas and walk more dogs.

Best Thing Ever: Being in the mountains with my dog on a sunny day.

Hidden Talent: My hidden talent is only hidden during the summer–I’m an awesome snowboarder!

Life Philosophy: Life is an adventure!

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