Warm Weather is Coming!

Hey Gang!

We’re so excited that Spring is just around the corner!  Maybe not so much that we have to move our clocks forward and lose out on that one hour of sleep.  Although, it will be nice to have my pups wake me up and look at the clock to see 7am instead of 6am. (thanks Cloe & Milhouse)

One of my favorite things about the upcoming months is getting to Montrose Dog Beach before the large crowds start rolling in.  My dogs love nothing more than to catch a few tennis balls and then just hang out in the sand and the fresh air.  It’s so wonderful seeing the big smiles on their faces as they run the long stretch of beach.  I attached a favorite picture of Milhouse

Milhouse in the Sand

for your viewing pleasure.  If you ever see my crazy pups running around, make sure to stop by and say “Woof!”

We are so excited to enter the Springtime with so many wonderful pups and kitties under our wings.  Stay tuned for a play date and some other fun activities that will be coming to the South Loop!

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