Bark in the Park Recap

Carly with Bully Breed Rescue adoptable dogs

It is no secret that I LOVE my job and by far one of the best parts about my job is working with wonderful shelters, such as The Anti- Cruelty Society.  The ACS adopts out thousands of homeless  cats and dogs each year!  The ACS does a terrific job of creating events that are fun for everyone and very family friendly.  These events are always a big success and in turn raise lots of money for the shelter.  We have partcipated in “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs” and also “Bark in the Park” the last couple of years and year after year they continue to be a huge success.  They draw in a great crowd and really bring animal lovers together for a great cause.

This year, we had an awesome booth that people were able to stop by and learn more about Out-U-Go!  Jerry and Alyse (who are two of our fabulous walkers)  helped out and I could not have done it without them!  Jerry handed out treats to every furry friend that walked by while Alyse captured all the Kodak moments being the amazing photographer she is.  Our next door neighbor was the Midwest Bully Breed rescue so I had the pleasure of making friends with Wanda and a few other adorable bulldogs.  Also- it is so fun to see our pet parents and pup’s at these events!  We bumped in to Ollie, Hope and Fausty (just name to a few). 🙂

We will continue to support the ACS and every other wonderful shelter we work with!  I encourage you and everyone you know to attend these events as they are fun, furry and a great way to hang with your pup!

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