Puppy Patience

Mr. Max

Ms. Abbie Gale

It’s been a blast at Out-U-Go! Downers Grove during the past couple of weeks getting to meet and take awesome care of so many little puppies. From cutie pie Abbie Gale to little Mr. Tough Guy Max, we have been saying a lot of “Oh my gosh, your’re so cute and tiny” around here lately.  One thing is for sure, pups younger than one year old are a great test of one’s patience. For example, learning how to walk on a leash comes with walking a couple of steps and laying down for belly rubs or running around crazily all over the place. Another example is learning how to potty outside, which any new pet parent can tell you comes with its fair share of trials and tribulations.

One thing all puppy pet parents should remember when grabbing the SpotBot or picking up pieces of the chewed up remote is, “Patience is a Virtue.” It might take a couple of accidents and mishaps before your pup gets the hang of things, but don’t get discouraged. These little guys and girls may need some extra attention now, but they grow up very fast. Before you know it, you will be at the dog park and your pup will be all grown up, playing with their friends and forgetting all about you!

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