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Best Vets in Naperville, IL

Keeping your four-legged child bright-eyed and bushy-tailed is of the utmost importance to loving pet parents. At home, you can ensure that your furry baby is happy and healthy through everyday activities, such as:

  • Taking long walks on the beach (or sidewalk)
  • Giving zillions of belly rubs
  • Feeding delicious & nutritious meals
  • Falling asleep on the couch together watching Lassie reruns

In addition to the above, it is essential to find a great Naperville, IL vet to care for your pet in sickness and in health. We’ve put together a list of some of the best vets in Naperville and its surrounding area to help you get started in your search for Fido’s perfect match!

Best Vets in Naperville - Danada

  1. Danada Veterinary Hospital
    10 W. Loop Rd.
    Wheaton, IL 60189

    Mon – Fri (7am – 7pm)
    Saturday (7am – 12pm)
    Sunday (closed)

    Danada Veterinary Hospital is a full service companion animal hospital providing comprehensive medical and surgical care for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and other small animals. Danada Veterinary Hospital prides itself on superior medicine in a timely manner within a friendly, clean environment.

  2. Best Vets in Naperville - Ness Exotic

  3. Ness Exotic Wellness Center
    1007 Maple Avenue
    Lisle, IL 60532

    Mon – Thurs (9am – 8pm)
    Friday (9am – 6pm)
    Saturday (8am – 2pm)
    Sunday (closed) 

    Ness Exotic Wellness Center provides comprehensive services for birds and exotic pets as well as holistic pet care for dogs and cats. They offer Chiropractic and Acupuncture, along with herbal therapy, homeopathy and various other therapies. They will work with your conventional small animal veterinarian to complement their traditional western therapy with the array of holistic modalities that they offer.

  4. The Welcome Waggin’

    Flexible weekday and weekend hours are available by appointment. To schedule home veterinary services, call 630.699.3113 or send an email to:

    The Welcome Waggin’ was founded by Dr. Lisa McIntyre with the goal of providing exceptional care and service in your pet’s home environment.
    By minimizing the stress of travel, reducing the likelihood of disease transmission, and observing your pet in its natural surroundings, they are able to help maintain your companion’s optimal health and well-being. Home veterinary care is ideally suited for working professionals, busy parents, multiple pet owners, the elderly or disabled, and owners of animals that become anxious in a hospital setting.

Best of luck choosing a great veterinarian in Naperville, IL!

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