Cooper the funny Tallahassee cat

Meet Cooper

Tallahassee cat Cooper is the often misunderstood fur child of Out-U-Go!’s very own Pack Leader, Elizabeth Amrhein.

He is an outstanding specimen of Felis Catus AKA the domestic cat: a small, usually furry, domesticated (using the term loosely), and carnivorous mammal.

These scientific descriptions pale in comparison to the actual Cooper kitty, who enjoys sinking his fangs into his Mom’s bare feet while she brushes her teeth, hanging out in his dog brother’s car crate while looking like a whack job (see photo evidence), and having a pretty spectacular paper napkin fetish.

Along with these erudite pursuits, Tallahassee cat Cooper enjoys mumbling to himself while randomly flinging his body into walls. Is this behavior really that weird, or is he exhibiting specialized behaviors that his Neolithic ancestors used to get humans to fall under their spell and love them to distraction? Something to think about……

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