Downers Grove pet sitter Jessica

Meet Downers Grove Pet Sitter Extraordinaire, Jessica

Jessica’s furry family consists of her two dogs Jersey and Rocket as well as three cats, Cocoa, Garfield, and Hayzl.

Her home also welcomes other kitties as she is a foster parent for the West Suburban Humane Society.

She has also volunteered for WSHS every weekend for the past ten years.

Jessica says, “I can still remember the name of the first couple of cats at WSHS that I fell in love with. Spartacus was a DLH orange tabby that had a lot of spirit. Tallulah was a poor kitten that came to us from an abusive home, but still managed to be the sweetest girl on the planet. The reason that I keep going is because of the cats; it is definitely repetitive cleaning cages, but the cats are what makes it all worthwhile.”

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