Best of OUG! Top Dog Halloween Costumes: Naperville Edition! [PHOTOS]

Halloween is a pretty great holiday to share with your pet. Not only does every pup’s favorite word occur within its most popular exclamation, “trick or treat,” it is a day (…or week…or entire month) where a furry body running around in a little hot dog suit or carrying out an entire neighborhood watch shift, a.k.a. walk, wearing a skeleton outfit is not considered absurd.

Meet a few of our Naperville pet pals who are donning their best dog Halloween costumes in the spirit of the spooky!

Football Player & Cheerleader



Names: Elvis and Lisa Marie

Ages: Elvis (10) and Lisa (8).

Background: Elvis was rescued from Oakland SPCA and Lisa Marie was rescued in Chicago.

Their favorite Halloween joke:
Q. What kind of dog does a vampire have?
A. A bloodhound!

Devil & Ladybug


Names: (Top Dogs) Libbey Belle and Berkeley Moon

Ages: Libbey (4), Berkeley (11)

Background: Berkeley rescued from Chicago Canine Rescue and Libbey adopted from DuPage County Shelter.

Their favorite Halloween joke:
Q: Why are black cats such good singers?
A: They’re very meowsical!

What are your four-legged kiddos dressing up as for Halloween?

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