Super Food for Dogs – by Amber Kingsley

If you want to imply the excellence of an event or object, putting “super” in front of it usually works. The Super Bowl is far more important than a standard championship game. And most households will turn to Super Glue versus regular glue for those tough repair jobs.

The idea of eating superfoods follows along those same lines. Superfoods contain a greater collection of nutrients and vitamins than many other type of foods. When commercial dog food can contain unknown or potentially harmful chemicals or additives, making sure your dog receives the proper nutrients can be essential to its health. Best of all, some of the same superfoods can improve the health of both you and your dog, and can help with a recovering illnesses as strong as cancer.

Super Fruits and Vegetables

While you might not have considered feeding certain superfoods that you eat to your dog, some of these superfoods will give your dog additional energy and health benefits, just as these foods do for you. Many people wouldn’t consider feeding their dog fruit, for example, but there are a couple of fruits and vegetables that fit in the superfoods category that your dog may enjoy eating.

  • The antioxidants and fiber contained in blueberries can help to regulate your dog’s blood sugar, while providing benefits to the animal’s brain and heart functions. Blueberries are best given to your dog in moderation, as they can aid in digestion in small doses, but they can cause digestion problems if overdone.
  • One of the most nutrient-rich vegetables is broccoli, providing a large number of benefits for humans and canines alike. Your dog will receive improved eye, skin, and heart health with a regular incorporation of broccoli in its diet. A dog may like to chew on a raw broccoli stalk after you’ve cut off the broccoli head for use with your meal.
  • Carrots contain a variety of vitamins that can provide benefits for the dog’s internal organs, including the heart and eyes. And if you give your dog a large raw carrot to gnaw on, it can keep the dog’s teeth clean too. Some dogs will appreciate having cooked carrots added to their regular bowl of dog food.

Super Leafy Greens for Your Dog

If you’re more of a fan of leafy greens and eating salads, superfoods exist that will fit your desires here too. Your dog may especially enjoy a couple of leafy green superfoods.

  • Kale is receiving a lot of publicity among nutritionists for use in a human diet, but this leafy green is great for your dog too. Vitamin A, C, and K all are found in kale, as well as high levels of calcium and iron. Kale can be added to your dog’s diet in many ways, including baking it in treats or adding steamed kale to a bowl of dog food.
  • Spinach is a type of superfood that is believed to work to prevent cancer in dogs. It also provides benefits to the animal’s bones and heart. Vitamin K, iron, and fiber are available in high levels with spinach.

Making your own blend of Superfood to satisfy your dog’s taste buds may be difficult.  There are plenty of recipes available online that simplify the process of making your own dog’s food or dog treats, allowing you to add a variety of superfoods to recipes.

*By Amber Kingsley, pet writer.

Super Food for Dogs

Super Food for Dogs

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