๐ŸŽ‡ A Fido Friendly Fourth ๐ŸŽ†

Greetings, Pet Parents!

Sunshine, parties, and fireworks โ€“ all things we humans look forward to during the summer months. With the fourth of July upon us, itโ€™s time to not only figure out how youโ€™re going to celebrate Independence Day, but also how to keep your feline and canine companions calm, collected, and happy during all the excitement (and noise). Fireworks donโ€™t make the list of almost any pupโ€™s favorite thingsโ€ฆ

Tips for a Fido Friendly Fourth:

  • Keep pups at home – Even โ€œrelaxingโ€ at a friendโ€™s house can be stressful for pups that are in a new surrounding with loud, unfamiliar noises.
  • Create a happy environment โ€“ For pups that are crated, consider covering their crate with a blanket. For all pups, play some music or turn on the television to create background noise and help drown out the sounds from outdoors.
  • Avoid grill scraps โ€“ Most pups would find all the food pretty tasty. But, some of them are toxic and many (coupled with the stress) lend themselves to very upset puppy tummies.
  • Schedule some love โ€“ Either pop in back at home periodically to assure your fur-kids that fireworks too shall pass or schedule a visit with an OUG! B.F.F. โ€“ weโ€™d love to keep our friends company.
  • Collars and identification โ€“ Be sure your pup is wearing identification and not left unattended. Nervous, pups are always more likely to jump, run, dig, etc.

Peace, Love, and Belly Rubs,

– Your BFFs at Out-U-Go!


June’s P.O.T.M. is…

(& Andrew)

Type: Dog & BFF
Age: 4 years

fun fact:
Whenever Andrew stops by to see his BFF Shea, she cannot wait to head out with him! Shea is named after the butter, and she loves talking about her day, basking in the sun, and going on the longest of walks!!

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