🐶 National Mutt Day! – Mark your Calendars

Mutts Up, Pet Parents!

It’s no secret—we LOVE all pups, kitties, and creatures furry, feathered, and scaled. But, July 31st is a day the Mutts in our lives get a little extra shout-out for National Mutt Day!

In addition to requesting that you extend extra belly rubs to the Mutts in your lives, we’d also encourage our awesome Pet Parents to discover ways in which you can help and support less fortunate Mutts awaiting their forever homes. Many shelters depend on National Mutt Day for spreading awareness, receiving donations, gathering an increase in volunteer applications, etc. How will you love a little harder this National Mutt Day?


ImPURRRRtant reminder to any friends and family considering adoption—OUG! offers our Home-U-Go! aka HUG Program as a pay-it-forward to support, sponsor, and donate to our local shelters.

Peace, Love, & Belly Rubs
– Your BFFs at Out-U-Go!


July’s P.O.T.M. is…


Type: Kitty

Age: 11 months

fun fact:

Ted is a handsome boy and a huge ham! He loves to play and explore, and he’ll do anything for a tasty treat 🙂

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