🐾🐾 Clean Paws = Happy Paws! 🐾🐾

Winter tricks are the best. Playing in snow is awesome! Muddy and / or salty paws … far from ideal. Just a few reminders to help us keep your homes tidy and paws clean:

  1. Towels – please leave a towel for sitters to use for paw and floor clean up
  2. Natural Baby Wipes – not a bad idea to help our sitters remove any de-icing salt from paws
  3. Warm Weather Gear – booties & coats for all pups wanting (or willing) to sport β€˜em

As always, please let our office know anything we can do or adjust in our routine to help keep happy pets and clean homes!

January’s P.O.T.M. is…


Type: Lab

Age: 7 years

fun fact:
This old soul is as sweet as they come! Cooper and his Lab sister Darcy (not pictured) are more than happy out in this weather. They are both so sweet and often will help our sitters get geared up!

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