Just Kitten Around – Fun Facts! 🐱

This entire, and insanely sweet, kitty family is being fostered by OUG!’s Top Dog, Lindsay Gray. Mama and babies love visiting the office, playing with pups, and getting snuggles from humans 😁 While we’re not sure it’s possible to love them (or any kitty) more, here are some silly facts that may just help…

Kitty Fun Facts:

  • Voice Recognition: Yes, they know it’s you. Whether or not they care to listen…let’s call that catitude
  • A Love Hate With Milk: As popular as it is with our feline friends, they are normally lactose intolerant
  • The Leg Rub: Might mean they like you. It also means they are marking their territory πŸ™‚
  • Adoption Consideration: Estimates indicate only 37% of kitties entering shelters are adopted

Time to add to your furry family?!

Wags & Love,
The OUG! Gang

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