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Meet Madison Pet Sitter, Annie!

Meet Annie and Charlie! Annie graduated from UW-Madison with a Sociology degree, plays the guitar (poorly), and can speak Italian! While her current furry family consists of Charlie the lovable American Short Hair troublemaker, she’d also love to one day add a German Shepherd.

Madison pet sitter dog walker Annie

I’m in charge of: Executive pet care, and I am the commissioner of snuggles.

Super power: Power over time – stopping time, going into the future or past, etc.

Best thing ever: Waking up early on Saturday to get coffee and go to the Farmer’s Market before the crowds.

Hidden talent: I can estimate exactly how much time it will take to get somewhere.

Life philosophy: Attitude is the most important part of life – and the only thing that you can always change.

Meet Denver & Boulder Pet Sitter, Gabe!

Gabe is awesome at dog walking and cat sitting in Colorado! Get to know a little more about Gabe.

I’m in charge of: Canine posterior oscillation… I make sure tails are wagging.

My furry family: Jack, a 12-year-old Jack Russell terrier. Loves fish; hates squeaky toys.

My super power would be: The ability to always pull exact change from my pocket.

Best thing ever: Picking a good cantaloupe. You just never know.

Hidden talent: I’m good at parallel parking. Like, really good.


Meet Madison Pet Sitting Superstar, Kristine!

Kristine was so impressed with Out-U-Go! as a pet parent that she jumped at the chance to join our Madison pet care team and spread the same love we showed her kitty, Demetri, to other furry families!

I’m in charge of: Giving love and affection to dogs and cats all over Madison!

My furry family: Demetri, an Abyssinian/Bengal mix who has an amazing personality.

Super power: Flying! I would be able to visit more furry friends every day!

Best thing ever: Coming home to a warm and friendly greeting from a pet.

Hidden talent: I read really fast (and as often as possible)!

Life Philosophy: Live a life you are proud of. If you find you are not proud of it, have the courage to start all over again.

Downers Grove pet sitting extraordinare, Meagan, with her pup, Lucy

Meet Downers Grove Pet Sitting Extraordinaire, Meagan, and her pup Lucy!

Meagan and Lucy love to take daily dog walks together, covering about 3 miles a day! They also love going to the local dog parks near Downers Grove and surrounding area where Lucy can dunk her head in water bowls and romp and roll in the dirt with her BFF, Muffin.

After the walks and playtime, you will find both cuddled up together on the couch.

Denver and Boulder pet sitting extraordinare Caitlin

Meet Denver and Boulder Pet Sitting Extraordinaire, Caitlin!

I’m in charge of: Hanging out with my furry friends!! I’m also on poop patrol and clean up after the fur-kids I care for. I take care of kitties, doggies, and other furry friends!

My furry family: At home, my furry family is ruled by Freya, a very fat but incredibly lovable orange tabby cat. Really it’s her house, and she just allows me to live there since I provide the food.

Super power: Teleportation! I could get places so much faster, and I could visit more four-legged friends in a day!

Best thing ever: Teaching. Even if it’s something simple, it’s nice to pass something on.

Hidden talent: I am actually really good at gardening. I have a whole garden on my apartment balcony with herbs and plants that I’ve set up and taken care of.

Life philosophy: I strive to live every day as the best possible version of myself.

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Meet Tallahasseee Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Extraordinare, Jennifer & Her Golden Retriever Friend, Krooke!

It is hard to tell who is happier–our awesome pet sitter Jennifer or Krooke the amazing golden retriever.

Jennifer is an integral part of the Out-U-Go! Tallahassee pet sitting team, making the world a better place one furry family at a time. She LOVES her job (and Krooke!!) and it shows!!

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Meet Boulder / Denver Pet Sitter & Dog Walking Extraordinaire, Loni!

I’m in charge of: Taking care of, loving, and exercising pets while their human moms & dads are away. I specialize in belly rubs and treat each pet as lovingly as I do my own.

My furry family: I have an adorable, hilarious, and often head-strong female Basenji named Kevin (yes, I said female). She enriches my life on a daily basis!

Super power: I would love it if pets could speak English to me so we could hold conversations while we spent time together. As of now, they are just stuck listening to their dog walker all day.

Best thing ever: Having a job doing what I love. Spending time with pets all day, dog walking and cat sitting, is honestly my dream job.

Hidden talent: Writing. I am, in fact, currently working on my memoir.

Life philosophy: I try to live my life like a dog. Be myself no matter who’s looking, live in the moment, and love others like they’re never coming back.

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Oak Park pet sitter dog walker Nora

Meet Oak Park Dog Walker & Pet Sitter Extraordinaire, Nora!

Nora’s experience in caring for horses has been helpful in taking care of your (much smaller!) furry families.

My Furry Family: Four kitties: Colby, Ivan, Streator, & Zoe!

My Favorite Animal (other than cats & dogs): Horses!

My Favorite Game: Horseback riding!

Best Gift Ever: A great C.D.!

My Superpower Would Be: Time travel.

Life Philosophy: “Don’t ask what the world needs – ask what makes you come alive and go do it – because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”