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Meet South Loop & Hyde Park’s Blind Pup Pal, Mr. Flik!

Mr. Flik, one of our newest buddies in the South Loop & Hyde Park neighborhood, is a blind pup but the most courageous explorer we’ve ever met! We are so lucky to be the Clark to this Captain Lewis of a little peanut!

Flik is like a mini-navigator although he cannot see. Remember the games you used to play where someone would give instructions to their partner who wasn’t able to see? That’s what we do with him! We tell him when to turn, what’s coming toward him, and lead him to his potty destination.

If that weren’t fun enough, we get to see the faces of the passerby as we say, “Flik, you are approaching mulch.” It’s pretty awesome in a very ridiculous way. Our gang has shared stories about our time with him and all of them end in fits of laughter!

Welcome to the Pack, Flik!