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It’s a Tail as Old as Time

Princess rides unicorn dog

Me, Halloween 2010

Woof.  Woof woof bark.  Bark bark bow wow.  Hmm, suppose I should start writing in human for any of you readers who can’t read dog or don’t have Google translate. (Seriously though, who doesn’t have Google translate).

My name is Dini.  I was adopted from an orphanage in Steamboat, Colorado and was lucky enough to move to Chicago to live with my parents.  My days before the orphanage are hard to remember.  I never knew my father and my mother was apparently a bitch, at least that’s what I’m told.  Myself? I’m a smorgasbord of canine genealogy, my parents just say I’m a white dog.

My life started out a little rough but at the end of 2000 I hit the karmic jackpot.  Moving out of the orphanage and into my parents home was certainly a huge upgrade.  My days of living in a box were over and replaced by nights sleeping in a human bed with my head on a pillow.

But that turned out to just be the start.  I began my career search like most dogs, scouring ads on craigslist.  After several dog weeks of searching, which seems liked forever, my dad offered me a position at Out-U-Go! as the canine–human liaison.  While it was an entry-level position, that quite honestly I was over totally qualified for, I was thrilled to get an opportunity to get my paw in the door with Out-U-Go!

Since 2000 I’ve had many different roles with Out-U-Go!, human greeter, dog greeter, occasional cat greeter, cookie eater, costume wearer, and bed tester.  I’ve even done some occasional garbage sorting when no one else in the office is there to do it.  It’s been an awesome opportunity for me.  I gotta say…I’m a pretty lucky dog.

Dini Out!