10 Alternative (and Fun!) Ways to Pick up Dog Poo

Now wouldn't this be nice?

Every dog walker, be they professional or recreational, has been there: watching in horror as your dog struggles into that familiar squat while you check your pockets for a bag that you already know isn’t there.

Folks without dogs will almost always, at this point, assume the worst of you. Yet folks with dogs know that dogs enjoy counting beforehand the number of bags you’ve brought with you and then pooping that number of times plus one.
So, what are you going to do? Since litter and public trash containers abound, dog walkers usually have options. The next time you’re without bag, try one of these:

  1. Prop a subscriber’s newspaper against their door and steal the bag it came in.
  2. Paper towel tube. Can be found in dumpsters or gutters. Scoop it up like you would a snow cone. Once the mess is contained, DO NOT TARRY. Throw parcel away immediately or the structural integrity of the tube will fail and YOU DO NOT WANT THIS.
  3. Grocery sack. These can be found in almost any tree.
  4. A squirrel.
  5. In one of those lone shoes available by the roadside.
  6. Weave a basket from blades of tall grass.
  7. Ask to borrow a stranger’s sock for a magic trick.
  8. If the dog was kind of constipated, you can use a penny and sort of Tiddlywink the poo into the storm drain.
  9. Kick it under the sod.
  10. Train your dog to bury it.


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