Out-U-Go! goes Hollywood?!?!?

Well…..maybe not Hollywood, but WGN Chicago is pretty close! πŸ™‚

Out-U-Go! Central’s General Manager (and former Oak Park Top Dog), Sara Lorenzo, will be representing Chicago Canine Rescue on WGN’s Adopt-A-Pet segment at approximately 11:10 AM Central Time on Friday, August 19. She will be highlighting Flora & Kitty, two super-cute pups that are looking for forever homes.

Flora would love a forever home!

Flora is quite the little social butterfly, and absolutely loves meeting new people. She is a 3-month old Australian Cattle Dog/Collie mix. This outgoing little lady has a lick and a tail wag for everyone, and also loves to run and play. Flora is being treated for a skin condition and is already on the road to recovery. She would make an excellent addition to any family.


This Kitty says "Woof!"

Kitty is an approximately 3 year old female border collie mix who came all the way from Chatsworth, Georgia. Like any Southern belle, Kitty is polite and demure, and has very nice manners. She is a bit timid sometimes, and is very sweet — she will crawl into your lap for some pats and scratches, and gives the most gentle little licks. Kitty is living in a foster home with her lab sister, and beagle mix brother. She gets along great with other dogs and loves to meet new people. Kitty is also currently being treated for heartworm disease. While it is extremely rare for there to be any lasting effects, she will need to be kept calm and quiet during her recovery.

Sara is a volunteer member of the Board of Directors of Chicago Canine Rescue, a local animal shelter that helps find homes for the most vulnerable in the city – the sick, injured and special needs dogs.

Set your DVR’s (or don’t……she is really, really nervous about being on TV!).

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