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Updates on shelters and ways Out-U-Go Pet Parents can help.

Meet Ralphie, rescued from Tallahassee Last Hope Rescue

Meet OUG! Tallahassee Rescue Dog, Ralphie!

Meet Ralphie, a handsome devil and super sweet rescue dog from Last Hope Rescue in Tallahassee. Ralphie won the dog lottery and is now part of a wonderful, loving family!

He is one of our all-time favorites—sweet and laid back but loves a good romp with his water bottle butterfly toy! He also specializes in couch-snoozing and cuddling. Visiting Ralphie is truly a pleasure!

OUG! helps homeless pets like Ralphie every day by giving HUGs. HUGs, short for Home-U-Go!, is our way of supporting the humans of rescues and shelters finding forever homes for pups and kitties in need.

Help a Shelter win $25K!

Dog lovers everywhere—unite!  Neglected and abandoned dogs need our help—and all we have to do to help them is vote for the Buddy Foundation in an online contest!  The Buddy Foundation is a Chicago area no-kill animal shelter that provides food, shelter and medical care for homeless dogs (and cats) until they can be placed in their “forever homes.”  If Buddy is one of the top 4 vote getters in EMCs 100 Ways of Giving contest, they will win $25,000!  That amount of money will help save hundreds of precious animals!

Please see the link below and take one second out of your day EVERY DAY THRU OCTOBER 8th to vote for The Buddy Foundation.  On behalf of Albert, the Husky with the hazel eyes, Copper, the sweet, lumbering Bloodhound, and all of the other Buddy dogs, thank you for your help.  ARF  ARF and WOOF WOOF!



Out-U-Go! goes Hollywood?!?!?

Well…..maybe not Hollywood, but WGN Chicago is pretty close! 🙂

Out-U-Go! Central’s General Manager (and former Oak Park Top Dog), Sara Lorenzo, will be representing Chicago Canine Rescue on WGN’s Adopt-A-Pet segment at approximately 11:10 AM Central Time on Friday, August 19. She will be highlighting Flora & Kitty, two super-cute pups that are looking for forever homes.

Flora would love a forever home!

Flora is quite the little social butterfly, and absolutely loves meeting new people. She is a 3-month old Australian Cattle Dog/Collie mix. This outgoing little lady has a lick and a tail wag for everyone, and also loves to run and play. Flora is being treated for a skin condition and is already on the road to recovery. She would make an excellent addition to any family.


This Kitty says "Woof!"

Kitty is an approximately 3 year old female border collie mix who came all the way from Chatsworth, Georgia. Like any Southern belle, Kitty is polite and demure, and has very nice manners. She is a bit timid sometimes, and is very sweet — she will crawl into your lap for some pats and scratches, and gives the most gentle little licks. Kitty is living in a foster home with her lab sister, and beagle mix brother. She gets along great with other dogs and loves to meet new people. Kitty is also currently being treated for heartworm disease. While it is extremely rare for there to be any lasting effects, she will need to be kept calm and quiet during her recovery.

Sara is a volunteer member of the Board of Directors of Chicago Canine Rescue, a local animal shelter that helps find homes for the most vulnerable in the city – the sick, injured and special needs dogs.

Set your DVR’s (or don’t……she is really, really nervous about being on TV!).

Pit Bulls: Fact vs. Fiction

Below we have compiled some awesome facts and incredible myths about our “bully” friends. Unfortunately there is an overabundance of pit bull type dogs in America’s shelters in large part due to the widespread myths and misundertanding surrounding these dogs.


Myth #1: “Pit Bull” is a breed

Fact: Pit Bull is NOT a breed. It’s a generic term often used to describe all dogs with similar traits and characteristics known to the public as “pit bulls”. When we use the term “pit bull” here it should be understood to encompass American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Take this test and see how well you are able to pick the “pitbull”:

Myth #2: Pit Bulls are mean and vicious

Fact: No more vicious than Golden Retrievers, Beagles or other popular dogs! According to a recent study of 122 dog breeds by the American Temperment Testing Society (ATTS) pit bulls achieved a passing rate of 83.9%. That’s as good or better than Beagles (78.2%) and Golden Retreivers (83.2%).

Myth #3: Pit Bulls have “locking jaws”

Fact: Studies show that the jaw of the pit bull is in proportion to its size and is no different than any other breed of dog. There is no evidence that any kind of locking mechanism exists in the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Myth #4: Pit Bulls turn on their owners

Dogs, as a species, do not perform behaviors “just because”. There are always reasons for behavior, and when aggression becomes a problem the reasons can be such things as improper handling, lack of socialization or training, a misreading of dog behavior by the owner, or, rarely, disease. Aggression, when it presents in pet dogs, follows specific patterns. First occur warning signs, then more warning signs, and finally, when those signs are continually ignored or misinterpreted, the dog resorts to using its teeth. When an
owner is startled by a sudden, aggressive outburst, it is because they have been unaware of problems that were brewing. This is true of all dogs, not just Pit Bulls. Pit Bulls, indeed no dogs, “turn” on their owners.

Myth #5: The only thing Pit Bulls are good for is fighting

Unfortunately, a large amount of attention has been brought to the fact that the Pit Bull was originally created for fighting other dogs in the pit. Since the breed was selectively bred for and excelled at this task, there is a common assumption that fighting must be all for which the breed is good. The truth of the matter is that the Pit Bull is one of the most versatile of canines, capable of excelling at just about any task his owner asks him to complete. They are routinely used for: obedience trialing, conformation showing, weight pull, Schutzhund (a German sport which requires dogs to perform in obedience, tracking and protection phases of a competition), agility, and have even been known to participate in herding trials, search and rescue work, and a variety of other tasks including police and armed services work. But fanciers will argue that the task this breed performs best of all is that of beloved companion.

Berkeley at work as a certified therapy dog!

Out-U-Go! is fortunate to have many loving Pit Bulls in our pack. As a matter of fact, I am the proud parent of a Pit Bull named Berkeley Moon who became a certified therapy dog in 2008. Berkeley currently visits Naperville area schools to assist students with their reading.

For more information please take a look at the following sources and organizations, and hug-a-bull today!

Bark in the Park – May 7

Out-U-Go! is proud to be participating in the Anti-Cruelty Society’s Bark in the Park on May 7 at Montrose Harbor in Chicago. This event brings out soooo many cute pooches and their owners.

What an amazing way to help raise money for the homeless dogs and cats in the Chicagoland area. And….lots of fun pet related activities and vendors. We hope to see you there! For more information, please visit

Easy way to help homeless dogs in Chicago!

You shop at Dominick’s, right? If you do this one TINY little step, every time you shop at Dominick’s you will raise money for Chicago Canine Rescue. Here you go, now DO IT! 🙂

Go to

-Click on “sign-up”

-Enter “Chicago Canine Rescue” as group name

-Register your Dominick’s and other accepted card numbers

It’s literally that easy! eScrip works with merchant partners, like Dominick’s, to contribute to groups like CCR. Gotta love it!

Chicago Canine Rescue