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Enter our Get Out & Go! Facebook photo contest!

Get Out & Go! to Win $100 of OUG! Care

On your mark, get set…

This month, Out-U-Go! is woofin’ about pet health! We’re offering tips and tricks for caring for your furry kids, highlighting fun wellness facts (did you know pet parents are less stressed?), and sharing our favorite Pet of the Week portraits! Trot over to our Facebook and Twitter pages to see what the neighborhood pups are wagging their tails about!

Speaking of tail-wagging, we know your four-legged friends love to Get Out & Go! Is Bullet your #1 workout partner? We’re looking for the cutest, toughest, silliest, most slobbery photos of you and your furry fitness coach in action! Enter our pet health photo contest here for a chance to win $100 in free Out-U-Go! visits!

Get the leash!

Help a Shelter win $25K!

Dog lovers everywhere—unite!  Neglected and abandoned dogs need our help—and all we have to do to help them is vote for the Buddy Foundation in an online contest!  The Buddy Foundation is a Chicago area no-kill animal shelter that provides food, shelter and medical care for homeless dogs (and cats) until they can be placed in their “forever homes.”  If Buddy is one of the top 4 vote getters in EMCs 100 Ways of Giving contest, they will win $25,000!  That amount of money will help save hundreds of precious animals!

Please see the link below and take one second out of your day EVERY DAY THRU OCTOBER 8th to vote for The Buddy Foundation.  On behalf of Albert, the Husky with the hazel eyes, Copper, the sweet, lumbering Bloodhound, and all of the other Buddy dogs, thank you for your help.  ARF  ARF and WOOF WOOF!