Best dog parks in Oak Park, IL

Best Dog Parks in Oak Park, IL

Dog parents understand the importance of finding a great local dog park.  Dog parks are a great resource for your furry friend to run to his heart’s content, interact with other dogs, sniff new things, and buddy up to humans in attempts to gain cookies.  It is also a great place for pet parents to meet like-minded neighbors and share fur-children stories!  We’ve put together a list of the best dog parks in Oak Park, IL, to help you find a spot with the amenities, space, and cookie-dispensing humans that your pup is looking for!

  1. Maple Park Dog Park: Maple Park Dog Park is a dedicated dog off-leash area located in the Northwest corner of Maple Park (Harlem & Lexington).  This new dog park in Oak Park offers 12,000 square feet of crushed granite surface, benches, an electronic entry system, and a water spigot for the pups!  Maple Park Dog Park is open from sunrise to sunset.
  2. Ridgeland Common Dog Park: Located in the Southeast corner of Ridgeland Common Park (Ridgeland & South Blvd), Ridgeland Common Dog Park is about 8,700 square feet.  The dog park is open from sunrise to 10pm.
  3. Dog Park Plus: Dog Park Plus is the total fenced-in area of Ridgeland Common.  The entire area includes the above-mentioned Ridgeland Common Dog Park, plus additional fenced park land such as baseball fields and a ski hill.  Since these included areas of the greater Ridgeland Common are often in use for other purposes, Dog Park Plus is open select hours only.  The hours are infrequent and subject to change, so check out Park District of Oak Park’s Dog Park Information first to see if there’s an upcoming morning your dog can run free in the extended space.

Have fun exploring!

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