Best Dog Parks in Boulder, CO

Best Dog Parks in Boulder, CO

Dog parents understand the importance of finding a great local dog park.  Dog parks are a great resource for your furry friend to run to his heart’s content, interact with other dogs, sniff new things, and buddy up to humans in attempts to gain cookies.  It is also a great place for pet parents to meet like-minded neighbors and share fur-children stories!  We’ve put together a list of the best dog parks in Boulder to help you find a spot with the amenities, space, and cookie-dispensing humans that your pup is looking for!

  1. Dry Creek Open Space: Boasting great views of the Flatirons, Dry Creek Open Space is an awesome two-mile hiking loop with tons of dogs!  Dogs are allowed off-leash, as long as they meet the off-leash voice and sight control requirements.  Parking is available, as well as a picnic table for humans to sit, stay, and have a treat.
  2. Foothills Community Dog Park: Foothills Community Dog Park offers over two acres of fenced dog park—a 1.6 acre area for large dogs to run, and a separate .5 acre area for small dogs to play.  Dogs are allowed off-leash in the fenced dog park but must be leashed if leaving the designated dog areas to explore the remaining 3.5 acres of Foothill Community Park.  Be sure to adhere to all other rules posted at the dog park!  The park is free and open to the public from dawn to dusk, and parking is available on site.
  3. Valmont Dog Park: Valmont Dog Park, like Foothills Community Dog Park above, features separate fenced areas for large and small dogs.  Large dogs have nearly 3 acres to run (good thing a water spigot is available in warmer months!), while small dogs have about .25 acres.  Dogs can be off-leash in the dog park but must be leashed the remaining areas of the greater Valmont City Park.  Be sure to follow all posted rules of the dog park.

Have fun exploring!

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