Tallahassee Vet, Dr. Appel

Tail Wags to Tallahassee Vet, Dr. Appel!

Dr. Jennell Appel is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist at Los Robles Animal Hospital. Sounds pretty high tech, huh? Actually, this Tallahassee vet happens to be the only of her kind in the Big Bend Area!

Dr. Appel (Dr. J) has literally given Top Dog Elizabeth Tull’s sweet rescue dog, Delta, a chance for a normal life. Turns out, one year old Delta’s hips were in terrible shape. Making a long story short: after several surgeries, an epic battle with MRSA, a hip implant removal, and hours upon hours of rehab with Dr. J, Delta is zooming around and playing like any other healthy dog! Dr. J has given Elizabeth’s sweet pup a chance at life. Dr. J never gave up on this little waif of a dog and has worked wonders. There are no words to describe our gratitude for Dr. J’s hard work, dedication, friendship and brilliance!! She is a truly wonderful Tallahassee vet!

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