Montrose Beach Dog Park in Chicago, IL

Best Dog Parks in Chicago, IL

Dog parents understand the importance of finding a great local dog park. Dog parks are a great resource for your furry friend to run to his heart’s content, interact with other dogs, sniff new things, and buddy up to humans in attempts to gain cookies. It is also a great place for pet parents to meet like-minded neighbors and share fur-children stories! We’ve put together a list of the best dog parks in Chicago, IL to help you find a spot with the amenities, space, and cookie-dispensing humans that your pup is looking for!
In the City of Chicago, there are quite a few dog parks regulated by the Chicago Park District. Make sure you check out the rules first!

  1. Churchill Field Playlot Park: A dog park located in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago, at 1825 N. Damen, Churchill Field Playlot Park has a fountain for thirsty pups and spans .16 acres.
  2. Clarendon Park Community Center: Located between the Buena Park and Uptown neighborhoods at 4501 N. Marine Drive, Clarendon Park Community Center dog park offers .13 acres for furry pals to frolic.
  3. Hamlin Park: Roscoe Village offers Hamlin Park, a popular neighborhood dog park located at 3035 N. Hoyne.
  4. Lincoln Park Dog-Friendly Areas: Lincoln Park neighborhood has three great areas for pups to run and swim! At Belmont and Lake Shore Drive, the Belmont Harbor has a small enclosed dog beach area for pups to sniff sand and doggie paddle in the lake. It’s a cool place to meet other pet parents in the summer months! At Foster and Lake Shore Drive, dogs have the Northern .78 acres of Foster Beach to run, and at Montrose and Simonds Drive, dogs have the Northern 3.83 acres of Montrose Beach to play.
  5. Montrose Beach: Our favorite dog beach in Chicago! Not too far from the above-mentioned Clarendon Park Community Center, Montrose Dog Beach is located at Wilson and Lake Shore Drive. It’s the perfect place for dogs and their parents to cool off in the Chicago heat.

Have fun exploring!

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