OUG Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, Living Beings!

Every day is a great day to think and talk about our environmental conservation efforts, but the celebrated Earth Day is coming up on Monday, April 22. Skip the usual case of the Mondays and opt to have a smart and fun eco-experience with your four-legged children!

  • Talk to your cat about responsible paper towel use. Many pet-induced messes call for a fresh square or two, but consider using a cloth or rag next time Mittens “accidentally” pushes your drink glass over the moment you stop scratching her chin.
  • Teach your fur-children about climate change through participating in World Wide Fund for Nature‘s (WWF) Earth Hour. Since bedtime seems to be when pups practice their Olympics tryout material and kitties reenact American Gladiators episodes, this earlier hour free of non-essential lights on Earth Day will earn you some additional sleep and the last laugh.
  • Plant a tree with your pup! He will surely be willing to assist with the daily maintenance, and as a bonus, he will feel philanthropic in watching it grow from a tiny seedling into a structure that houses his squirrel arch-nemeses.

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