Tallahassee Pet Care gets greener

Tallahassee Pet Care Just Got Greener

Believe me: we go through A LOT of poop bags!! That’s why OUG! Tally is teaming up with our friends at Greentrees Pet Waste Removal Service to go a little greener–one poop bag at a time!!

Greentrees is committed to maintaining a clean environment that is safe and healthy for individuals and their families. Greentrees bio-based pet waste bags are 38% bio-based using American-grown agricultural products.

In our book, every little bit helps, so starting in May, Out-U-Go! Tallahassee Pet Care is switching to the Greentrees bio-based pet waste bags for all of our daily dog walks! Instead of continuing to use the standard plastic poop bags that are not earth friendly, we are making a commitment to be better stewards of our little corner of the planet.

If you would like more information, please visit Greentrees PWRS!

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