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Animals around the world

Rescuing Isn’t Just For the Dogs: Earth Day Edition!

Happy Earth Day Month, Pet Parents!

Typically when we talk rescue stories, it’s in reference to our beloved pup and kitty pals. Earth Day, though, provides a great opportunity to consider a broader spectrum to include our wildlife pals, too!

Like pets, there are animals in nature needing human love and support. Sea lions are one such example, and The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago has an incredible program to rescue them. The aquarium notably adopted a blind sea lion pup, Cruz, who wouldn’t have survived in the wild on his own. With the help of the Shedd team, he’s found a safe home filled with friends, both human and fellow sea lion. To see more about Cruz, check out his story.

Shedd Aquarium sea lion pup rescue, Cruz

Extra special wildlife wags this month!

Tallahassee Pet Care gets greener

Tallahassee Pet Care Just Got Greener

Believe me: we go through A LOT of poop bags!! That’s why OUG! Tally is teaming up with our friends at Greentrees Pet Waste Removal Service to go a little greener–one poop bag at a time!!

Greentrees is committed to maintaining a clean environment that is safe and healthy for individuals and their families. Greentrees bio-based pet waste bags are 38% bio-based using American-grown agricultural products.

In our book, every little bit helps, so starting in May, Out-U-Go! Tallahassee Pet Care is switching to the Greentrees bio-based pet waste bags for all of our daily dog walks! Instead of continuing to use the standard plastic poop bags that are not earth friendly, we are making a commitment to be better stewards of our little corner of the planet.

If you would like more information, please visit Greentrees PWRS!