Alfred B. Maclay Gardens Trail

Top 3 Scenic Dog Walking Routes in Tallahassee

Finding great, scenic dog walking routes in Tallahassee is something we’re always sniffing around for. While Sherlock’s nose is to the ground (searching for squirrel clues, of course!), it’s a treat for parents to take in such sights as unique architecture, local history, or beautiful natural landscapes. Our paws have done some walkin’, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite routes across town for you and your pups to check out!

  1. Ravine Trail at Maclay Gardens: This easy loop hike, used by joggers, dog walkers, bicyclers, and hikers, makes an upland circuit on the west side of the Overstreet Tract of Alfred P. Maclay State Gardens. The wide path leaves the Forest Meadows access and rambles through forest, coming near ravines that drop off toward Lake Overstreet.
  2. Miccosukee Canopy Road Greenway Trail: The Miccosukee Canopy Road Greenway encompasses 503 acres of open pasture and forested woodlands. The 17 miles of trails throughout the greenway are open to the public and perfect for dog walking, horseback riding and non-motorized use from sunrise until sunset.
  3. Best Dog Walks: Tallahassee-St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail

  4. Tallahassee – St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail: As its name implies, the dog friendly trail stretches about 20.5 miles from the capital city south to St. Marks. Longleaf pine and forests of oak, wax myrtle, and yaupon holly nicely shade the route.

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