Back to School Pet Visits

Dog Walking & Cat Sitting Back to School Schedule Changes

Back to school means dog walking & cat sitting schedule changes for many furry families; it is also an exciting but challenging time for furkids! After a full summer of sleeping past noon, kitty litter zen gardening, and cannonballing at pool parties, it takes extra motivation to get classroom ready.

One way to get your four-legged child prepared for teacher’s pet status is to send him off with the tools needed to succeed. A few necessities to include in Willie’s doggie backpack are:

  • A balanced and nutritious kibble sack lunch
  • Art supplies (even though some of the most creative projects will be homework)
  • An awesome toy or two (what cures the first-day-of-school jitters better than sharing a laugh with a new friend?!)

If your furry family’s schedule is changing this fall, schedule your dog walking and cat sitting visits here (existing OUG! pet parents) or request more info about our awesome pet care here (new pet parents)!

Class is in session!

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