Need an awesome pet gift? 🎁🎁🎁

Whoops, that was an awesome pet gif.

Seriously though, we think the following gifts are pretty awesome. Don’t fret that it’s too late because…you know…Amazon.

  • The Maze Dog Bowl: This bowl was originally designed by M.C. Escher (unconfirmed) and perfect for speed eaters.
  • Pup-Tub: Awesome tub for bathing small pups and the first item needed to build your Hot Dog Tub Time Machine.
  • Petcube Play: 2-way audio, 1080 video, nephew of Hal 9000, and laser toy.
  • The Modkat Litter box: Finally, a litterbox that I. M. Pei’s kitty can enjoy.

Happy Holidays!
—The OUG! Gang

December’s P.O.T.M. is…


Type: Husky mix
Age: almost 5!

fun fact:

This is Gus. And despite being named after a bad guy (Breaking Bad, anyone?), Mr. Gus is a quiet and gentle pup when it comes to going for a walk and getting treats. His favorite watch post is the couch where he wags to greet you. Once he is out and about, he never wants to go back in! He loves to smell all the smells there are to smell and to get belly rubs!

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