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Need an awesome pet gift? 🎁🎁🎁

Whoops, that was an awesome pet gif.

Seriously though, we think the following gifts are pretty awesome. Don’t fret that it’s too late because…you know…Amazon.

  • The Maze Dog Bowl: This bowl was originally designed by M.C. Escher (unconfirmed) and perfect for speed eaters.
  • Pup-Tub: Awesome tub for bathing small pups and the first item needed to build your Hot Dog Tub Time Machine.
  • Petcube Play: 2-way audio, 1080 video, nephew of Hal 9000, and laser toy.
  • The Modkat Litter box: Finally, a litterbox that I. M. Pei’s kitty can enjoy.

Happy Holidays!
—The OUG! Gang

December’s P.O.T.M. is…


Type: Husky mix
Age: almost 5!

fun fact:

This is Gus. And despite being named after a bad guy (Breaking Bad, anyone?), Mr. Gus is a quiet and gentle pup when it comes to going for a walk and getting treats. His favorite watch post is the couch where he wags to greet you. Once he is out and about, he never wants to go back in! He loves to smell all the smells there are to smell and to get belly rubs!

Out-U-Go! Celebrates National Pet Month

When you see us out in your neighborhood, you have probably noticed that no matter how much we love movin’ & shakin’ on our walks, we can’t help but stop and sniff the May flowers with your pups. With blossoms in bloom, we get to thinking about how much we love our furry kiddos and all the love they give us back (usually in the form of sloppy kisses and wiggly behinds!).

In honor of this special bond, we’re on Facebook & Twitter celebrating National Pet Month! We’re sharing some surprising benefits that our four-legged family members offer us, in addition to top tips for humans to further better the lives of our beloved furbabies. Get in on the conversation!

downers grove Easter egg hunt dog event

Downers Grove Dog Events: Hugs for Hounds Easter Egg Hunt

Pups of all ages and breeds are invited to a special Easter egg hunt on Saturday, April 19! The event takes place at the dog park at Hammel Woods – DuPage River Access in Shorewood, IL, near Downers Grove!

Your furry friend will have fun sniffing for eggs filled with special prizes or dog treats. Be sure to bring a basket for collecting your findings at Hugs for Hounds!

Flowers and Jewelry Ain’t Gonna Cut It: How to Spend Valentine’s Day with your Pet

Happy Valentine’s Day, Pet Parents!

Let’s be honest. Your furry sweetheart is expecting a pretty grand gesture of love this Valentine’s Day, and who are you to disappoint? This year, show your fur-baby how much you really care. From staying in to hitting the town, we’ve got you covered on ideas for how to spend your special day!

  • Sweet & Savory: What pup or kitty doesn’t love snacks?! Cookies are almost certainly what puppy dreams are made of. Whip up a tasty treat for your pal..try these festive Red Velvet Pupcakes!
  • Movie Night: Make it a movie marathon! Queue up Must Love Dogs and Lady and the Tramp, pop up a gigantic bowl of popcorn to share, and let the snugglefest commence.
  • Spread the Love: Not able to spend your whole day with your beloved? Ask your B.F.F. (Best Friend’s Friend!) for a Valentine visit! Extra belly rubs are complimentary on February 14..and every other day of the year.

Whichever date you choose, your furry kiddo will be elated to have spent it with you.

Big Hugs,
Your Human & Furry Friends at Out-U-Go!