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Best of OUG! Top Dog Halloween Costumes: Denver Dogs & Boulder Buddies Edition!

Halloween is a pretty great holiday to share with your pet. Not only does every pup’s favorite word occur within its most popular exclamation, “trick or treat,” it is a day (…or week…or entire month) where a furry body running around in a little hot dog suit or carrying out an entire neighborhood watch shift, a.k.a. walk, wearing a skeleton outfit is not considered absurd.

Meet a few of our Denver and Boulder pet pals who are donning their best dog (and cat!) Halloween costumes in the spirit of the spooky!


Berkeley, age 4, purebred Berzerker, decided to go as a ski racer for Halloween this year. Here she is trying on her costume, just moments before walking into a wall. Berkeley was fine, but the wall is damaged.

Layla, age 9, breed “furry”, has chosen, once again, to go as a pillow for Halloween. Layla decided on this costume many years ago and chooses to go as a pillow every Halloween, and every other day of the year, too.


Sweet Pea (left) & Duncan (right), breeds “chug” and big bad wolf, sporting a tremendously fitting dual costume. And, they didn’t even realize it was Halloween.


What are your four-legged kiddos dressing up as for Halloween?

Denver and Boulder pet sitting extraordinare Caitlin

Meet Denver and Boulder Pet Sitting Extraordinaire, Caitlin!

I’m in charge of: Hanging out with my furry friends!! I’m also on poop patrol and clean up after the fur-kids I care for. I take care of kitties, doggies, and other furry friends!

My furry family: At home, my furry family is ruled by Freya, a very fat but incredibly lovable orange tabby cat. Really it’s her house, and she just allows me to live there since I provide the food.

Super power: Teleportation! I could get places so much faster, and I could visit more four-legged friends in a day!

Best thing ever: Teaching. Even if it’s something simple, it’s nice to pass something on.

Hidden talent: I am actually really good at gardening. I have a whole garden on my apartment balcony with herbs and plants that I’ve set up and taken care of.

Life philosophy: I strive to live every day as the best possible version of myself.

For more info about the Out-U-Go! office staff & our furry families, paw through these spiffy new Boulder and Denver staff profiles!

Humane Society of Boulder Valley flooding help pets

How to Help Colorado Flood Victims

Colorado suffered terrible flooding this September, and Out-U-Go! Denver and Boulder Pet Care Services wish only the best for all those effected by this tragedy.

Our office stayed mostly dry, but many others were not that lucky. We’d like to pass along that the Humane Society of Boulder Valley is accepting donations to help pets in need in the wake of the storm.

Paw here to help those in need.


Meet Boulder / Denver Pet Sitter & Dog Walking Extraordinaire, Loni!

I’m in charge of: Taking care of, loving, and exercising pets while their human moms & dads are away. I specialize in belly rubs and treat each pet as lovingly as I do my own.

My furry family: I have an adorable, hilarious, and often head-strong female Basenji named Kevin (yes, I said female). She enriches my life on a daily basis!

Super power: I would love it if pets could speak English to me so we could hold conversations while we spent time together. As of now, they are just stuck listening to their dog walker all day.

Best thing ever: Having a job doing what I love. Spending time with pets all day, dog walking and cat sitting, is honestly my dream job.

Hidden talent: Writing. I am, in fact, currently working on my memoir.

Life philosophy: I try to live my life like a dog. Be myself no matter who’s looking, live in the moment, and love others like they’re never coming back.

Learn more about Denver or Boulder dog walking & pet sitting!

Meet Featured OUG! Colorado Pet Sitter, Jake!

I’m in charge of: Pampering pups and cuddling kitties.

Super power: To make it sunny outside for all your doggies’ walks!

Best Thing Ever: Having pets!!

Hidden Talent: Expert horseradish maker.

Life Philosophy: Always be succesful and never give up.

My furry family: Santiago the Cat, Mariachi the Cat, Tequilla the Guinea Pig, Diablo the Iguana, Agave the Bearded Dragon, and Fishy The Fish.

Fun Denver events: Highlands Street Fair

OUG! at 31st Annual Highlands Street Fair: Denver Events

The Highlands Street Fair is one of our favorite Denver events! It was a super fun time, as always! We had perfect weather including a brief afternoon sun shower just to cool things down a bit. The event took place on Saturday June 15, 2013 in historic Northwest Denver.

Thanks to all of our friends, family, pet parents and guests who stopped by the OUG! booth. We loved getting such awesome feedback from our pet parents!

Best Vets in Denver - VCA Animal Care Associates

Best Vets in Denver, CO

Keeping your four-legged child bright-eyed and bushy-tailed is of the utmost importance to loving pet parents. At home, you can ensure that your furry baby is happy and healthy through everyday activities, such as:

  • Taking long walks on the beach (or sidewalk)
  • Giving zillions of belly rubs
  • Feeding delicious & nutritious meals
  • Falling asleep on the couch together watching Lassie reruns

In addition to the above, it is essential to find a great Denver, CO vet to care for your pet in sickness and in health. We’ve put together a list of some of the best vets in Denver to help you get started in your search for Fido’s perfect match!

  1. VCA Firehouse Animal Hospital

    Phone: 303-733-2226 
    Fax: 303-733-4442
    1038 E 6th Ave, Unit B
    Denver, CO 80218
    Mon-Fri 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
    Sat 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
    Sun Closed

    Experienced and knowledgeable staff veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and other pet-friendly personnel are trained to the highest standards. Their knowledge of the latest veterinary medicines and procedures ensures that all our pet patients get the best in prevention and healing methods.

  2. Best Vets in Denver: Urban Vet Care

    Urban Vet Care

    Located in the Denver Highlands
    2815 Clay Street
    Denver, CO 80211

    Urban Vet Care offers personal, progressive, and comprehensive animal care to dogs and cats in the Denver Metropolitan area.
    With over 40 years of combined veterinary experience, the staff at Urban Vet Care is knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate.

  3. Best Vets in Denver - Alameda

    Alameda East Veterinary Hospital

    9770 E Alameda Ave Denver, CO 80247
    (303) 366-2639

    Offers 24/7 emergency care, boarding, pet care, preventative care, advanced care, alternative medicine, and grooming.

Best of luck choosing a great veterinarian in Denver, CO!

Berkeley Lake in Denver CO

Top 3 Scenic Dog Walking Routes in Denver

Finding great, scenic dog walking routes in Denver is something we’re always sniffing around for. While Sherlock’s nose is to the ground (searching for squirrel clues, of course!), it’s a treat for parents to take in such sights as unique architecture, local history, or beautiful natural landscapes. Our paws have done some walkin’, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite routes across town for you and your pups to check out!

  1. Walk around Berkeley Lake

    • Location: Behind Scheitler Recreation Center in NW Denver
    • Parking: Lot at 5031 W. 46th Ave., Denver, CO 80212
    • Walk: One mile around the lake behind the rec center
    • Sights: Scenic views of Rocky Mountains line the background
    • Features: Be sure to stop by the nice new dog park on the west side of the lake so your pup can run off-leash
  2. Walk around Sloan’s Lake

    Sloan's Lake in Denver, CO

    • Location: Lake is at Sheridan Blvd. at W. 17th Ave., Denver, CO 80219
    • Parking: Lot at NW corner of the lake
    • Walk: Couple-mile loop around the lake
    • Heads Up: Lots of geese and ducks!
    • Sights: Nice views of downtown Denver! Also, keep your eyes open for water skiers and wake boarders showing off on the water!
  3. Walk around Wash Park

    Wash Park in Denver CO

    • Location: Nice popular park at S. Downing St. & E. Louisiana Ave.,
      Denver, CO 80209
    • Parking: Along S. Downing
    • Walk: Loop around the large park
    • Heads Up: Watch out for bikers!
    • Features: Bring a Frisbee to throw around inside the park–there are lots of grassy areas to play!
Featured OUG! Cat Photo: Layla

Featured OUG! Cat Photo: Layla

I’m in charge of: Being furry.

My furry family: My dog Berkeley and some other annoying kitty.

Super power: Being furry.

Best Thing Ever: The indentation that develops on the bed after 12+ hrs of lying in the same spot (as you can see, I am working on creating this in my featured cat photo).

Hidden Talent: Hunting bugs.

Life Philosophy: Stay furry my friends.

Spaw Day Sale at Only Natural Pet Store in Colorado

Colorado Pet Events: Spaw Day Sale at Only Natural Pet Store

We had an AWESOME time at the Out-U-Go! Booth for the Only Natural Pet Store Spaw Day Sale on April 6th! Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by our table to say hello.

We’d also like to thank Only Natural Pet Store for hosting this and other fun Colorado pet events! It was a great day of hanging out with a bunch of great pups as well as so many friends & pet parents.