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Naperville chihuahua Lily adopted on Easter

Easter Brings a New Beginning for Naperville Senior Chihuahua Named Lily

What started off as a very sad and all too common situation turned out to be a happy Easter ending. Ms. Lily the Chihuahua was given up at 10 years of age when her family decided they no longer had time for her. Fortunately for this sweet little girl, the Naperville Area Humane Society took her, giving her new mom and dad the chance to fall in love with her.

Ms. Lily was named for the Easter holiday she was adopted on, and she is now ready for the next phase of her life enjoying endless loving care and (hooray!) daily visits from her adoring nannies at Out-U-Go!

Big hugs to you Lily, Janice, and Darryl…we are so happy for you all!

Meet Mags, Lucky Lab in Tallahassee

Meet Tallahassee’s Luckiest Lab, Mags! [PHOTO]

Honestly? Is she the most adorable girl or what?

Maggie (or as we affectionately call her, Mags) is a beautiful 14-year-old yellow Labrador. We have the honor of caring for her when her parents need to travel.

Mags has a GREAT life! Her parents not only have wonderful taste in pet sitters (…wink!), they know a thing or two about providing an excellent home for this sweet girl. She is 14 and going strong…going on walks, chomping her Kong, munching through nutritious treats, and soaking up all the love her parents provide her!