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Spring Changes are in the Air at OUG! Central

Hello Out-U-Go! Pet Parent Gang!

Change is in the air this spring at OUG! We are thrilled and excited to announce that our Top Op’s Dog and GM, Sara Lorenzo, is expecting a human baby at the end of April. The whole OUG! pack is excited for her, with the possible exception of her furry-toddler pooch-son Vern. While we feel for Vern as his only-child gig comes to an end, we often remind him that in the near future he can look forward to a constant distribution of food on the floor (and everywhere) thanks to the tiny Lorenzo human. As Sara transitions to motherhood she will be taking time off to spend with her new addition then later returning to the OUG! team in a part time capacity.

OUG! Central General Manager Sara, her husband Dan, and the brother-to-be, Vern!

OUG! Central General Manager Sara, her husband Dan, and the brother-to-be, Vern!

With that bit of exciting news, we are thrilled to introduce our newest OUG! team member Chris Causgrove. Chris joined our team in early February and has been in deep OUG! immersion preparing to take over as Top Ops Dog and GM when Sara’s new addition arrives. Chris brings many talents to our organization, in addition to his own rambunctious and delightful fur-child, Sophie!

Chris and his pup Sophie

Exciting news all around. We are thrilled for Sara and excited to meet her new furless bundle of joy and doubly excited to have Chris join our expanded team.

Happy Spring,
David & the OUG! Gang

David & Lucy


Meet Out-U-Go! Boulder & Denver’s New Assistant Manager, Leah!

I’m in charge of: Scheduling puppy playdates, kitty cuddle-time, and administering lots of hugs, belly rubs, ear scratches, and love!

My furry family: My fur family consist of a chubby, loud, drooling orange kitty named Nunu, a sweet, soft-spoken Australian Cattle dog mix named Daisy, and a rowdy, attention-addicted Great Pyrenees named Jack.

Super power: Teleportation-growing up watching Star Trek, who could blame me?!

Best Thing Ever: My favorite thing is walking around Sloan’s Lake with my pups on a sunny winter afternoon.

Hidden Talent: My hidden talent is recipe mash-ups. Ever take a vanilla bean cake, add layers of lemon cheesecake, top it with lemon curd, and frost the sides with a whipped cream frosting? Killer combo!

Life Philosophy: My life philosophy is to share as much kindness, humor, love, and food as you possibly can every day!


Meet Boulder Pack Leader, Kristen Fernandez!

I’m in charge of: I proudly serve as Boulder Executive Belly Rub Manager Heather‘s much needed assistant! The title “Head Dog Walker” is one I hold near and dear to my heart!!!! I believe I am, unofficially, in charge of all big dogs. All of my regular pups outweigh me! All is well. I love all dogs big and small!

My Furry Family: I currently only have one furry family member. He is an 11-year-old tuxedo cat named Cowboy! He is a rescue that came to us via the humane society in Albuquerque, NM, although we all know he rescued us in many more ways than we rescued him! We are also looking into finding a couple of puppies to bring into our home. We miss having the energy of pups running around!

Super Power: I believe my super power would be the same as Storm of the X-men. I would control weather. That way I wouldn’t have to leave doggie diaries about muddy paws anymore!

Best thing ever: I have so many favorite things that this is an unfair question! However, if I had to nail down just one, it would be travelling with my two girls. We call ourselves the Girl Team and we have so much fun when we decide to adventure!

Hidden Talent: I have an unreasonable amount of useless trivia in my head. My hidden talent is that I am very good at starting and maintaining conversations in ANY situation. It’s a great party trick!

Life Philosopy: My life philosophy is simple but very effective. Be kind and compassionate–it takes less energy! Smiling resolves conflict much more effectively than frowning, and forgiveness is healing. Start your day laughing and breathe.