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out-u-go! boulder pet care dog walks for Boulder Google bring your dog to work day

Out-U-Go! Boulder Pet Care Participates in Boulder Google Office’s Bring Your Dog to Work Day!

On Friday, August 30th, Out-U-Go! Boulder Pet Care was thrilled to participate in the Boulder Google office‘s “Bring Your Dog to Work Day.” Our awesome sitters helped the busy ‘Googlers’ out by providing dog walks in and out of the Google office all day long so the pet parents could focus on, well, Googling!

It was so nice to spend the day with the awesome staff at Google!

Chicago dog walker wicker park pet sitter scott

Meet Chicago Dog Walker & Wicker Park Pet Sitter Extraordinaire, Scott

Our awesome Wicker Park pet sitter bikes his way into the hearts of your four-legged friends! Chicago dog walker, Scott, is one cool cat.

AKA: Scotty B., B. Fresh

My Furry Family: Calliope the Black Labski

My Favorite Animal (other than cats & dogs, of course!): Green Sea Turtles

My Favorite Game: Disc Golf

Best Gift Ever: Socks!

My Superpower Would Be: To see through the eyes of pups & kitties!

Life Philosophy: “If you build it, they will come!”

Madison pet sitter Emily

Meet Madison Pet Sitter Extraordinaire, Emily!

Meet Emily and her wiggly pal, Walter! When Emily is not working as a Special Education Teacher, she is pampering your pooches with love!

I’m in charge of: Giving out lots of love to doggies and kitties in the form of belly rubs, walks, and treats (even if Walter is suspicious when I get home)!

My furry family: Walter (aka “Wiggles”) – a Goldendoodle – Black Poodle + Golden Retriever = Black Goldendoodle πŸ™‚

Super power: Flying and being able to read Walter’s (or any pet’s mind)… most of the time anyway!

Best Thing Ever: My first alarm going off and Walter jumping into bed to cuddle – nose one inch from my face.

Hidden Talent: Singing every song on the radio in perfect pitch and key – only when driving by myself.

Life Philosophy: Two quotes I’m a firm believer in: “There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face,” and “Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend, never had a dog.”

Downers Grove pet sitter Jessica

Meet Downers Grove Pet Sitter Extraordinaire, Jessica

Jessica’s furry family consists of her two dogs Jersey and Rocket as well as three cats, Cocoa, Garfield, and Hayzl.

Her home also welcomes other kitties as she is a foster parent for the West Suburban Humane Society.

She has also volunteered for WSHS every weekend for the past ten years.

Jessica says, “I can still remember the name of the first couple of cats at WSHS that I fell in love with. Spartacus was a DLH orange tabby that had a lot of spirit. Tallulah was a poor kitten that came to us from an abusive home, but still managed to be the sweetest girl on the planet. The reason that I keep going is because of the cats; it is definitely repetitive cleaning cages, but the cats are what makes it all worthwhile.”

Meet Colorado Pet Sitter Extraordinaire, C.J.!

Meet Colorado Pet Sitter Extraordinaire, C.J.!

I’m In Charge Of: Making sure our four-legged friends get out and about during the day so they can smell the world & go potty.

My Furry Family: I have a Corgi named Ember who is my baby girl. She’s spoiled rotten so she doesn’t always listen! I also have two cats: Missy & Flint. Missy eats everything (literally) and Flint is fat and sassy.

My Super Power Would Be: Flying! Then I could save on gas and walk more dogs.

Best Thing Ever: Being in the mountains with my dog on a sunny day.

Hidden Talent: My hidden talent is only hidden during the summer–I’m an awesome snowboarder!

Life Philosophy: Life is an adventure!

Featured Madison Pet Sitter, Meagan

Meet OUG!’s Featured Madison Pet Sitter, Meagan

I’m in charge of: Hanging with your “kids” while you’re off on an adventure!

My furry family: None as of now. All the more reason to hang out with yours!

Super power: Flying. I hate airports.

Hidden Talent: I can do a mean Irish Jig.

Best Thing Ever: Thunderstorms in the middle of summer where the rain is warm. Best. Ever.

Life Philosophy: “Never, never, never give up.” -Winston Churchill

Meet Featured OUG! Colorado Pet Sitter, Jake!

I’m in charge of: Pampering pups and cuddling kitties.

Super power: To make it sunny outside for all your doggies’ walks!

Best Thing Ever: Having pets!!

Hidden Talent: Expert horseradish maker.

Life Philosophy: Always be succesful and never give up.

My furry family: Santiago the Cat, Mariachi the Cat, Tequilla the Guinea Pig, Diablo the Iguana, Agave the Bearded Dragon, and Fishy The Fish.

Meet Madison Pet Sitting Superstar, Robin!

Meet Madison Pet Sitting Superstar: Robin!

Learn a little more about our Madison pet sitting superstars! Robin, specializing in cat care, is already becoming B.F.F.’s (your Best Friend’s Friend) with Madison area pets.

  • I’m in charge of: Kitty Care! I dispense treats, chin scratches, and lots of love while pet parents are away!
  • My furry family: 13 year old Zoe, who keeps my head warm at night, and Gracie, a 2 year old Snowshoe who loves to play tag with us!
  • Super power: I would love to be immune to tickling.
  • Best thing ever: A long walk on a warm summer day.
  • Life philosophy: There is no problem so great that a good truffle cannot solve.
  • My hidden talent: Decoupage.
Tallahassee Pet Sitting Extraordinaire, Richard!

Meet Tallahassee Pet Sitting Superstar: Richard

Join us in welcoming a brand new member of the OUG! Tally Team! Richard is a herpetologist that comes to us from the Indianapolis Zoo, where he took care of reptiles, birds, and small mammals, including the meerkats!! I know…the MEERKATS! Pretty darn cool, huh?!

He also has loads of experience of the canine and feline variety. So, good news if your best friend happens to be a frisky, tail waggin’ sun-loving frilled lizard…’cause Richard has it covered!

Honestly, just when I thought the Out-U-Go! Tallahassee Pet Sitting team couldn’t get any better, they go and get better.

Meet Oak Park Pet Sitting Superstar, Owen!

Meet Oak Park Pet Sitting Superstar: Owen!

Meet our featured Oak Park pet sitting superstar, Owen! Owen dog walks mostly in Forest Park, where is he B.F.F. (Best Friend’s Friend) to many of your happy pups!

  • AKA: Ozone
  • My favorite game: Balderdash
  • My superpower would be: Telekinesis
  • My furry family: My Pharaoh Hound and Lab mix Luca; she’s two years old.
  • Life philosophy: We’re all human and we’re each trying to make it in our own way, so respect the unique ways in which one another lives their lives.