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Chicago dog walker wicker park pet sitter scott

Meet Chicago Dog Walker & Wicker Park Pet Sitter Extraordinaire, Scott

Our awesome Wicker Park pet sitter bikes his way into the hearts of your four-legged friends! Chicago dog walker, Scott, is one cool cat.

AKA: Scotty B., B. Fresh

My Furry Family: Calliope the Black Labski

My Favorite Animal (other than cats & dogs, of course!): Green Sea Turtles

My Favorite Game: Disc Golf

Best Gift Ever: Socks!

My Superpower Would Be: To see through the eyes of pups & kitties!

Life Philosophy: “If you build it, they will come!”

Former Head Oak Park Dog Walker Sarah E with baby Marley

Former Head Oak Park Dog Walker & her Baby Daughter Marley! [PHOTO]

Former Out-U-Go! Head Oak Park Dog Walker, Sarah, and her husband, John, welcomed a beautiful baby girl on June 27. Marley & Momma are happy, healthy and loved!

Sarah sends her love to all the OUG! pups & kitties. She misses visiting your furry families but loves being a mom!

Photo: Marley’s onesie has a kitty on it, to say “hi” to all her OUG! puppy & kitty pals!

South Loop Pack Leader Coming Soon

A New South Loop Pack Leader is Coming!

While we tremendously appreciated every little bit of help Hannah brought to our team, she will be returning back to school this Fall! Thank you, Hannah!

Our newest South Loop Out-U-Go! Pack Leader is currently in training and looking forward to introducing herself! We are so pumped to bring someone to our team that will help provide more support in our office to our Pet Parents and staff. We are working towards making your OUG! experience better in South Loop and Hyde Park, and this is just one of the ways we plan to do it!

And as always, thank you, Pet Parents, for being so fantastic to our team! We are so lucky to have you, too!

Meet Colorado Pet Sitter Extraordinaire, C.J.!

Meet Colorado Pet Sitter Extraordinaire, C.J.!

I’m In Charge Of: Making sure our four-legged friends get out and about during the day so they can smell the world & go potty.

My Furry Family: I have a Corgi named Ember who is my baby girl. She’s spoiled rotten so she doesn’t always listen! I also have two cats: Missy & Flint. Missy eats everything (literally) and Flint is fat and sassy.

My Super Power Would Be: Flying! Then I could save on gas and walk more dogs.

Best Thing Ever: Being in the mountains with my dog on a sunny day.

Hidden Talent: My hidden talent is only hidden during the summer–I’m an awesome snowboarder!

Life Philosophy: Life is an adventure!

Featured Madison Pet Sitter, Meagan

Meet OUG!’s Featured Madison Pet Sitter, Meagan

I’m in charge of: Hanging with your “kids” while you’re off on an adventure!

My furry family: None as of now. All the more reason to hang out with yours!

Super power: Flying. I hate airports.

Hidden Talent: I can do a mean Irish Jig.

Best Thing Ever: Thunderstorms in the middle of summer where the rain is warm. Best. Ever.

Life Philosophy: “Never, never, never give up.” -Winston Churchill


Out-U-Go! staff meetings typically involve bagels, coffee, orders of business and staff members sharing  some of their experiences working at Out-U-Go!  It usually becomes clear that some of our Pet Parents’ homes produce more stories than others and at a recent meeting, one particular household of dogs proved to have A LOT of stories (mostly about poop).  Of those stories, one sticks out in particular…

To protect their anonymity, let’s refer to the dogs as Penny and Gretta G.  Now, Penny and Gretta share a special flare for life as well as anything and everything edible and not edible.  As such, it’s not uncommon for them to crap on the floor… but hey, even the best of us have the occasional accident.

Like most dogs, these two shed a lot so their owner purchased a Roomba to keep the hardwood floors clean while he’s at work.  If you don’t know, a Roomba is a Frisbee sized robot vacuum designed to roam the house cleaning the floor while you’re at work.  Between a mid day visit for the dogs from Out-U-Go! and a hard working Roomba, this Pet Parent had a lot to look forward to every time he opened his door after a hard day at work.

One day, like all days, Penny and Gretta’s owner kissed his two beautiful dogs goodbye, released the Roomba to do its thing and drove off to work.  A few hours later our walker arrived to find a house full of diarrhea and a hard working Roomba.

As it turns out, the standard Roomba is not equipped to clean a house full of diarhea, but not due to any lack of effort.  By following the parallel diarrhea tracks around the living room and noting the skid marks of partially-dry diarrhea with wheel tracks through them, our walker could clearly see the Roomba’s morning long effort to vacuum up diarrhea.  Because the Roomba has a sensor that determines whether an area is clean or whether it needs more vacuuming, it diligently attempted to clean several areas with back and forth motions until the sensor read clean.  Had the Roomba been mounted on a WWI tank it might have had a chance, but alas, the standard model uses plastic wheels and the sensor never read clean so back and forth it went.  Despite giving it the old college try, our walker wasn’t able to get the floor completely clean, just like the Roomba.

Upon hearing of this incident, our office staff picked up the phone and called this Pet Parent at work to inform him of what happened.  He responded with mostly curse words.  Penny and Gretta bounced back fairly quickly and were ready for their mid-day walk the very next day.  The Roomba, however, was never the same.