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Hanging with Tallahassee Cool Cat: Coconut

Coconut is a fun cat and we suspect a Zen master. She has a great life and great parents!

Coconut can also do cat magic—she walks with a light step but can sound like a herd of buffalo thundering down the stairs when she hears us get her Christmas stocking out of the pantry!

Little Coconut is a joyful being: she enjoys life no matter what she is doing, and by the transitive properties of cats made our holidays brighter. She reminded us that life is too short not to enjoy what you are doing!

Meet Ralphie, rescued from Tallahassee Last Hope Rescue

Meet OUG! Tallahassee Rescue Dog, Ralphie!

Meet Ralphie, a handsome devil and super sweet rescue dog from Last Hope Rescue in Tallahassee. Ralphie won the dog lottery and is now part of a wonderful, loving family!

He is one of our all-time favorites—sweet and laid back but loves a good romp with his water bottle butterfly toy! He also specializes in couch-snoozing and cuddling. Visiting Ralphie is truly a pleasure!

OUG! helps homeless pets like Ralphie every day by giving HUGs. HUGs, short for Home-U-Go!, is our way of supporting the humans of rescues and shelters finding forever homes for pups and kitties in need.

Best of OUG! Top Dog Halloween Costumes: Tallahassee Tails Edition! [PHOTOS]

Halloween is a pretty great holiday to share with your pet. Not only does every pup’s favorite word occur within its most popular exclamation, “trick or treat,” it is a day (…or week…or entire month) where a furry body running around in a little hot dog suit or carrying out an entire neighborhood watch shift, a.k.a. walk, wearing a skeleton outfit is not considered absurd.

Meet a few of our Tallahassee pet pals who are donning their best dog Halloween costumes in the spirit of the spooky!

Jingbo & Delta…The Top Dog’s Frogs!

Hopping around causing trouble is their favorite past time! They had a howling good time in PetSmart picking out their costumes.




Jingbo…Tally’s Cutest “Dog” Walker!

Jing loves to wear his Out-U-Go! gear! He looks quite dashing in his orange visor. Too bad he chewed up his OUG sunglasses…


What are your four-legged kiddos dressing up as for Halloween?


Meet Tallahasseee Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Extraordinare, Jennifer & Her Golden Retriever Friend, Krooke!

It is hard to tell who is happier–our awesome pet sitter Jennifer or Krooke the amazing golden retriever.

Jennifer is an integral part of the Out-U-Go! Tallahassee pet sitting team, making the world a better place one furry family at a time. She LOVES her job (and Krooke!!) and it shows!!

Learn more about Out-U-Go! Tallahassee Pet Care Services.

Cooper the funny Tallahassee cat

Meet Cooper

Tallahassee cat Cooper is the often misunderstood fur child of Out-U-Go!’s very own Pack Leader, Elizabeth Amrhein.

He is an outstanding specimen of Felis Catus AKA the domestic cat: a small, usually furry, domesticated (using the term loosely), and carnivorous mammal.

These scientific descriptions pale in comparison to the actual Cooper kitty, who enjoys sinking his fangs into his Mom’s bare feet while she brushes her teeth, hanging out in his dog brother’s car crate while looking like a whack job (see photo evidence), and having a pretty spectacular paper napkin fetish.

Along with these erudite pursuits, Tallahassee cat Cooper enjoys mumbling to himself while randomly flinging his body into walls. Is this behavior really that weird, or is he exhibiting specialized behaviors that his Neolithic ancestors used to get humans to fall under their spell and love them to distraction? Something to think about……

Mickeys Lakeside Cafe in Tallahassee FL

Mickey’s Lakeside Cafe in Tallahassee FL: A Wag of the Tail and 4 Paws!

Do yourself a favor and swing by Mickey’s Lakeside Cafe in Tallahassee FL at the Cottages at Lake Ella.

The food is top notch and….wait for it….it’s pet friendly! Sit on the patio with your furry pal while enjoying a panini or fresh garden salad and relax with a glass of wine or a beer.

I ask you, does it get any better than this? I think not! Well, maybe its even a smidge better with the dessert of the day!

Check them out on Facebook!

Alfred B. Maclay Gardens Trail

Top 3 Scenic Dog Walking Routes in Tallahassee

Finding great, scenic dog walking routes in Tallahassee is something we’re always sniffing around for. While Sherlock’s nose is to the ground (searching for squirrel clues, of course!), it’s a treat for parents to take in such sights as unique architecture, local history, or beautiful natural landscapes. Our paws have done some walkin’, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite routes across town for you and your pups to check out!

  1. Ravine Trail at Maclay Gardens: This easy loop hike, used by joggers, dog walkers, bicyclers, and hikers, makes an upland circuit on the west side of the Overstreet Tract of Alfred P. Maclay State Gardens. The wide path leaves the Forest Meadows access and rambles through forest, coming near ravines that drop off toward Lake Overstreet.
  2. Miccosukee Canopy Road Greenway Trail: The Miccosukee Canopy Road Greenway encompasses 503 acres of open pasture and forested woodlands. The 17 miles of trails throughout the greenway are open to the public and perfect for dog walking, horseback riding and non-motorized use from sunrise until sunset.
  3. Best Dog Walks: Tallahassee-St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail

  4. Tallahassee – St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail: As its name implies, the dog friendly trail stretches about 20.5 miles from the capital city south to St. Marks. Longleaf pine and forests of oak, wax myrtle, and yaupon holly nicely shade the route.
Tallahassee Pet Sitting Extraordinaire, Richard!

Meet Tallahassee Pet Sitting Superstar: Richard

Join us in welcoming a brand new member of the OUG! Tally Team! Richard is a herpetologist that comes to us from the Indianapolis Zoo, where he took care of reptiles, birds, and small mammals, including the meerkats!! I know…the MEERKATS! Pretty darn cool, huh?!

He also has loads of experience of the canine and feline variety. So, good news if your best friend happens to be a frisky, tail waggin’ sun-loving frilled lizard…’cause Richard has it covered!

Honestly, just when I thought the Out-U-Go! Tallahassee Pet Sitting team couldn’t get any better, they go and get better.

Tallahassee Pet Care gets greener

Tallahassee Pet Care Just Got Greener

Believe me: we go through A LOT of poop bags!! That’s why OUG! Tally is teaming up with our friends at Greentrees Pet Waste Removal Service to go a little greener–one poop bag at a time!!

Greentrees is committed to maintaining a clean environment that is safe and healthy for individuals and their families. Greentrees bio-based pet waste bags are 38% bio-based using American-grown agricultural products.

In our book, every little bit helps, so starting in May, Out-U-Go! Tallahassee Pet Care is switching to the Greentrees bio-based pet waste bags for all of our daily dog walks! Instead of continuing to use the standard plastic poop bags that are not earth friendly, we are making a commitment to be better stewards of our little corner of the planet.

If you would like more information, please visit Greentrees PWRS!

Best Dog Parks in Tallahassee, FL

Best Dog Parks in Tallahassee, FL

Dog parents understand the importance of finding a great local dog park. Dog parks are a great resource for your furry friend to run to his heart’s content, interact with other dogs, sniff new things, and buddy up to humans in attempts to gain cookies. It is also a great place for pet parents to meet like-minded neighbors and share fur-children stories! We’ve put together a list of the best dog parks in Tallahassee, FL to help you find a spot with the amenities, space, and cookie-dispensing humans that your pup is looking for!

  1. Tom Brown Dog Park: This Tallahassee dog park has two separate fenced areas to accommodate both small and large dogs. Double gate entry ways separate this off-leash dog park from its larger Tom Brown Park. There are water fountains for both pets and people. There is a picnic area for guests in both shaded and sunny areas. Each fenced in area is grassy with a few sandier areas. Disposal bags and trash cans are conveniently located next to one another at the entrance of both the small and large dog areas.
  2. San Luis Dog Park: San Luis Dog Park is a great open area for your dog to run around and play off leash. This dog park is a single large fenced area for both small and large dogs located within San Luis Mission Park. The dog park is mostly sand with lots of trees, but it can get muddy after rain. There are water fountains for both pets and people. If your pup still has energy after playing with her pals, leash her up and explore the trails behind the dog park!
  3. Maclay Gardens State Park: Well-mannered dogs are welcome in the park. Dogs must be on a 6 foot or less hand held leash and be cleaned up after promptly. Dogs are not allowed in buildings, the garden, or in swim areas. Dogs are allowed on the 2 nature trails, 5 miles of multi-use trails, and picnicking by the river.

Have fun exploring!